John Isner uses iCool

26th June, 2010

John Isner uses Ice Baths to recover from the longest tennis match ever. He take the court at Wimbledon again today.

Q.  Talk us through what your post match routine was.  What was the first thing you did?  Ice bath?  Eat?

JOHN ISNER:  I drank a recovery shake just to get some carbs in me right away.  My coach came to the locker room with a plate of pasta and a plate of a bunch of stuff, meat, and I don’t know what it was. But I couldn’t eat that right away.  A lot of times after a tennis match, you’re not hungry right away.  Takes like 30, 45 minutes.  Yeah, then I took an ice bath, iced my arm down.  Then I ate as much as possible. Then actually Andy Roddick left the site and came back with takeout food for myself and my coach, believe it or not.

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