Ian Thorpe using iCool in Abu Dhabi

15th February, 2011

OLYMPIC great Ian Thorpe has announced that he is ending his four-year retirement with the aim of competing at next year's London Olympics.

Thorpe announced his comeback to the national media in Sydney today, ending months of speculation sparked by his return to the training pool as part of a get-fit campaign.

The 28-year-old said he made the decision to try swimming competitively again last September.

Thorpe visited the Olympic swimming venue in London last year and he said he “could taste it”.

“I haven't felt this way about swimming for a long time,” Thorpe said today.

 One of the biggest challenges he faced, he said, was keeping the possibility of a comeback quiet while he stepped back into the pool to see if the desire was still there.

“I told everyone around me to lie through their teeth,” he said.

Thorpe will do his preparation for the London Games in Abu Dhabi and Europe and Ian has his own iCool Lite for training recovery.


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