Wolf Mother Racing Team

27th June, 2011
By John

Another V8 Supercars Champion adds an iCool to their endurance training.

Jonathan Webb, the 2009 Fujitsu V8 Supercar Champion scored his first V8 Supercar Championship win in the MOTHER V8 in 2010.

Jonathon's 2010 debut season included 9 top ten race finishes, an astonishing race win and multiple performance records. In 2011 he prepares his racecar in his family run team - Tekno Autosports. The MOTHER Energy Racing Team will again be the ones to watch this season.


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The Wolf Mother Team is

Andy McElrea   (aka Barry) -   Team Manager

Geoffrey Slater   (aka Doc, Geoffrey) -   Chief Engineer

Minal Kanagasundaram   (aka Minal) -   Data Engineer

Steve Greer   (aka Scuba) -   Mechanic

Richard Greaves   (aka Barry) -   Mechanic

Nathan Reakes   (aka Corey, Big Shot, Barry) -   Mechanic

Mick Shortus   (aka Mick, Barry) -   Truck and Tyres

John Dunlop   (aka JD, Dash) -   Commercial and PR Manager

Kobe Webb   (aka Mrs Webb) -   Operations Manager

Alexandra Zylstra   (aka Alex, Bossy Boots) -   Team Assistant

Philip Young   (aka Phil) -   Team Trainer and Physio

Phil has over 10 years experience as a sports therapist and fitness professional, having worked with elite athletes and racing drivers including Mark Webber and Jenson Button who also use iCools.




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