Olympic Canoeing adds iCools

28th June, 2011
By John

iCool commissions Recovery Facility of Excellence for the Australia Olympic Canoeing Team.

As part of the impressive modernising and rebuilding of the Australia Olympic Canoeing Team's training centre to a standard to rival anything comparable in the world, The Australian Institute of Sport once again chose iCool to provide and install the world class recovery training equipment.

Shown here is Nicola who manages the facility and is an expert in this field. Tahnee Norris is the facility and program manager for the Australian Sports Commission.

This outstanding facility consists of 2 large spa pools and 2 reverse cycle versions of the popular iCool TurboCool systems. Each system can provide up to 10,000 watts of either cooling or heating at very low electricity costs as they are based on very advanced heat pump technology. This gives the facility the flexibility of using either pool as a hot or chilled pool as required. The iCool TurboCools are the most advanced systems of their type in the world and cost much less to install than you might expect.


The management chose our convenient remote wall mounted touch screen option for maximum convenience.


These superb pools were manufactured in the USA but are now available from our own iCool factory in Australia at a much lower price and can be delivered safely and economically to any destination in the world.



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