AFL Metricom Stadium

1st June, 2011
By John

Umpires get their own iCool Recovery System at the outstanding AFL Metricom Stadium.

Since iCool commissioned 2 recovery centres of excellence for players at the Metricon Stadium in time for the history making inaugural home game, one for the home team and one for the visiting team the iCool systems have all functioned flawlessly and provided quality recovery sessions on demand.

The Umpires have also been provided with their own recovery facility. There was not much spare space available in the umpires area , however iCool was still able to provide an excellent facility using components from our highly successful mobile and portable ice bath range. The umpires room now has 2 iCool compact 'Half Time" demountable pools, an iCool "Twin" powerful mobile chiller and a compact iCool mobile heating unit.

iCool has the largest range of ice bath and recovery systems available anywhere in the world and at the lowest prices. We specialise in complete large scale installations for sporting stadiums as well as a complete range of low cost portable and mobile equipment.


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