More iCools in Germany

27th June, 2011

In 2011 iCools business in Europe has continued to grow as an ever growing number of European athletes and sporting organisations discover why iCool is the world's most successful and most widely used ice bath recovery brand. 

A large number of individual athletes throughout Europe now own their own personal iCool recovery system. One of the most recent is German International Triathlon Champion Maik Petzold who just purchased an iCool Lite, the world's smallest ice bath recovery cooling system,together with our world standard iCool inflatable pool. Maik joins many other successful iCool users in Germany.

Maik is shown here training in Washington USA

Maik was born in 1978 in Bautzen, Germany


He chose his career path because "in 1984 because my father he raced and won the first Triathlon in Leipzig" (former East Germany)


Maik competed in the Olympic Games in Athens and became the ambassador for his German Region (Oberlausitz)



He is ranked number 17 in the world.


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