iCools Popular in Golf

15th June, 2011
By John

iCools are now widely used in golf around the world as more and more golfers learn about the importance of ice bath recovery and endurance training.

One benefit of Ice bath therapy acknowledged universally by almost all users is that not only does a properly administered ice bath (or contrast bath) promote physical soft tissue trauma recovery and extend endurance but it promote calmness and a feeling of well being that is highly conducive to a good night's rest and a calm mind. This is a critical advantage in sports that demand fast neurological responses in hot and trying conditions.

An expert in recovery science for golfers is Dale Richardson a Doctor of Chiropractic from RMIT University who began his career in supporting champion golfers in 1989 when asked to assist key professionals by IMG during the PGA Tour. Dale has published many articles in Golf Digest and other publications.

Today Dale runs the Titleist Performance Institute , offering world class services to golfers to help them reach their potential. You can visit the website at http://www.mytpi.com or telephone (760) 806-5946 in the USA.

Dale is one of the world's leading experts in health and fitness for golfers and we are proud that he has chosen to use iCool products in this pursuit. He even has his own iCool Lite (the world's smallest ice bath cooling system) and an iCool semi portable demountable ice bath in his own home (shown here) to aid his own fitness and of course to practice what he promotes to his clients.



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