iCool at Switzerland Ironman Expo

28th June, 2011

The IronMan Expo will be held in Zurich Switzerland from Wednesday the 6th of July to Saturday the 9th of July, with the race beginning on Sunday July 10th at 7 am. 

iCools will be on display and in particular the iCool Lite in the distinctive green team colours of our representative in Switzerland , Mathias Hecht.

Please make yourself known to Mathias and he will be very happy to demonstrate an iCool to you and to answer your questions.

Mathias is also an Ironman champion himself so he is able to give very good advice regarding ice bath therapy as he has used iCools himself in training for several years.



iCools normally come in our trademark Cyan Blue colour , however we can make them in any team colour you wish.

You can contact Mathias in Switzerland at

Grabenweg 3, 6130 Willisau

or by email at  info@mathiashecht.ch or through iCool at info@icoolsport.com


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