Brisbane Aquatic Centre's TurboCool

27th June, 2011

The Brisbane Aquatic Centre , Known as the Clem Jones Centre after a legendary former Lord Major is an outstanding facility that has trained generations of swimmers, many of them going on to become champions. 

The centre recently added an ice bath recovery facility supplied and installed by iCool. The new recovery centre consists of an iCool Perfect Spa and the latest version of our award winning and powerful chilling system the TurboCool. 

Space has been provided to add a second identical iCool spa and TurboCool later in the year so that contrast hot and cold therapy will be available as well as providing the ability to have 2 chilled spas for quick recovery sessions for large visiting and local teams.

An installation like this can provide high quality recovery sessions for a large number of athletes at a very low capital cost for such a capable facility. 

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