Tour De France

12th July, 2012
By The iCool Team


Icool Is A Big Winner In The 2012 Tour De France

iCool is proud to announce that most of the top teams in the 2012 Tour De France own and use iCool recovery equipment


the Tour De France is the world's premier cycling race. Competitors began using iCool mobile ice bath systems in the 2008 Tour and since then the number of teams that have acquired iCool equipment has grown every year.

This year iCool introduced the revolutionary iSprint (see Lotto Team using iSprint below). The iSprint  and iSprint Twin are especially designed for cyclist and triathletes to provide immediate lower body and leg recovery in a very light weight portable format that can be used anywhere. Coupled with either the iCool LITE cooling system or the new ultra compact MiCool (available from August 2012) there is nothing else in the world to match the convenience and the outstanding results. 

There is wide agreement today that ice bath treatment immediately after a race is hugely beneficial by virtually eliminating next day muscle soreness and setting the athlete up for a good night's sleep and a calm mental state.


Above is 2011 Tour Winner Cadel Evans in his iCool Demountable pool.

Below are some of the 2012 Tour De France teams using iCools for pre training and during the event.  

Jurgen Van Den Broeck (Lotto Belisol) cools down with an ice bath


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