World's Biggest Range of Portable Ice Baths , New models for 2012

12th July, 2012
By iCool Team

> There are now 10 different scientifically designed and field proven portable ice baths

each one designed to accurately meet your needs for specific sports

Why are iCool Pools the best available?

Only iCool pools are strong enough to last the distance with constant heavy use. The iCool portable inflatable range is far superior in every way to any other inflatable pool on the market because they are constructed from the same ultra tough material used to manufacture emergency life rafts and boats. We use only thick high density materials, reinforced and ultra violet protected.  All fittings are double heat sealed and every wear area has a double layer. Every model has all the fittings needed to snap fit to any iCool chiller or heater.

Every iCool pool includes a high quality airline sized travel bag with wheels and folding handles.

Most iCool inflatable Pool include a safety/insulation cover.

All new inflatable models have extra drain points, cooling system connection points, soft inflatable comfort matresses, easy inflation pumps, Airline travel cases and repair kits. 


The iBody; The most successful portable ice bath ever!

The iCool iBody, developed for the Australian Team at the 2004 Olympic games, has been improved and refined every year since then and is now the absolute world standard for portable ice baths. Used by many thousands of the world's top athletes there are more iCool  iBody's in use around the world than all other ice baths combined. The world's number one choice for rugged reliability and functionality. Everything about the iBody is just right.

The iSprint; Perfect recovery anywhere for cyclists, runners and triatheletes.

Our latest development, designed to perfectly meet the requirements of cyclists, long distance runners and triathletes for fast uncomplicated leg muscle recovery, anywhere anytime. Light to carry, quick to set up and fast to cool using any size iCool chiller or even just ice.

It has been well established by sports scientists that immersing legs in an ice bath immediately following a race or hard training is enormously effective in preventing next day aches and pains and speeding the recovery of over stressed soft tissues, muscle cells and ligaments. It can be even more effective if it is followed by a warm bath or shower and then repeated.

The iSprint is so portable and easily carried that it makes it possible to do this on the spot, anywhere the race or training session ends and that's the whole point, the sooner your legs are in the ice water the more effective the treatment.  iSprints are shown below being used by the Lotto Team from Belgium in the 2012 Tour de France.


iSpint Twin; When you have several cyclists or runners needing immediate recovery!

The iSprint Twin has the same features as the new iSprint (above) but with extra strength at both ends and an extra head rest to allow 2 athletes to use it at once with one seated at each end. Perfect for quick recovery when you have several athlets needing recovery at the same time, yet it's still light and portable enogh to carry with you to anywhere the race or training finishes.



iTeam;  Recovery for an entire team wherever you need it!

For the first time here is a rugged solution for any team needing to provide immediate ice bath recovery virtually anywhere, yet perfectly suitable for permanent installations in the gym or training room as well. A quality portable pool built to our high standards in evey respect, with all fittings needed to snap fit to any iCool chiller.

The iTeam is suitable for up to 6 athletes at once and can provide full body immersion. The Australian, Japanese and Canadian Olympic Teams in the 2012 games were the launch customer for this product. They are using them coupled to the latest ultra powerful iCool TurboCool Dual Temps that are widely used around the world in permanent stadium installations, but now we can provide them with special wheeled travel cases so that temporary powerful cooling and heating is easily made available for major events. The ultra powerful TurboCool Dual Temps provide 10,000 watts of cooling and heating (reverse cycle built in) for rapid cooling or heating of any size pool at a very low running cost. 


 The iSquad;  A smaller version of the iTeam suitable for 3 to 4 athletes.

With all the same features as the iTeam but lighter and more compact for when the team is smaller and fewer athletes need ice bath recovery at one session. Suitable for 3 to 4 athletes at once,  it can instantly connect to any iCool chiller or heater and is supplied with a quality airline travel case with wheels. This is a very capable mid sized pool for smaller training camps, outdoor events and even as a permanently set up ice bath in a gym or training room.


The iCool Demountable Range; Strong metal frame for permanent installations but light enough to take anywhere when needed!

There are 5 different models in the iCool demountable range, one for every type of sport and every situation. They are designed to be used in semi permanent installations, but can be easily taken down and transported in the special travel cases provided. Perfect for teams who travel occassionally to outside events but mainly use the ice baths at the home base. Made from coated marine grade aluminium frames that snap togther without tools. 

They are also ideal for providing larger ice bath pools in rooms where a full size spa pool can not fit through existing doorways.






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