Using Ice Actually Cost Much More than Owning an iCool System

11th July, 2012
By iCool team

It may sound surprising but it actually costs far less to own an iCool system than to use ice in your ice bath.

Many clubs and sporting facilities have come to realise this in the past year. iCool instals complete built in multi pool systems in many stadiums and clubs and with each submission we conduct a cost analysis for the client.

Although iCool is the undisputed world leader in ice bath recovery equipment the capital cost of our equipment is the lowest available. Due to volume production and good design we can produce top quality long lasting equipotent with all the latest technology at a far lower cost.

So, considering the relatively low capital cost compared to one off commercial cooling systems and the fact that iCool equipment has the lowest operating cost in the industry because of our intelligent digital power management system that is built in to every model, it soon became clear that compared to the constant purchase of ice, a typical club can pay for their iCool equipment just from the savings. 

A typical example is a recent installation at a very successful regional football stadium in Adelaide Australia. The client , The Adelaide Bulls, had been using a commercial ice machine in recent years to provide the ice for their recovery centre. The cost for the hire of the machine and the electricity had reached more than $10,000 a year.

iCool installed one of our $15,000 high cooling power TurboCools with more than enough capacity to cool their existing large ice pool. Based on normal use we estimate that the iCool will use no more than $1000 a year of electricity , because unlike the power hungry ice maker the iCool has intelligent power management so it does not run at full power all the time. It provides only exactly the cooling needed at any time. The iCool uses the most modern variable output heat pump technology (as do all iCools big and small) to give you absolute maximum efficiency. 

So based on a saving of $9000 a year in electricity and the ice machine hiring costs, the club will have paid for the iCool in a very short period of time, but equally as important ,they now have all the cooling they need at the touch of a button on the attractive colour touch screen. No more carrying messy ice. From the coaches point of view they can set the exact temperature the sports medicine specialists recommend and hold that exact temperature for as long as they need it. That was just not possible using ice. 




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