World Record achieved

31st May, 2012

> Andrew Abrahams
"World Record Holder" - 1 Million Metres on a Concept 2 Rowing Machine

I attempted the Individual Million Meter Row on a Concept 2 Rowing machine in May 2011 and failed to make the distance in the time previously set by Nigel Gower of 128hrs 36minutes 19seconds
In May 2012 I attempted to break this record again.
I completed the Million meters in 119hrs 50minutes 06seconds.
There were a few differences between the 2 attempts that helped me to smash the World Record by almost 9hours.
Besides the more intense training, and more determination, passion and want to succeed, there were 3 key elements.
My Physio, Nutritionist and Strength and Conditioning coach helped prepare me for the challenge ahead.
I could not have stayed fresh for each session on the rowing machine if not for the iCool Ice Bath.
Every 4hours I would break for 30mins. 6 minutes minimum in the Ice Bath and I was ready to row again.
I cannot describe the mental pain and anguish I had to endure to constantly sit on the machine a row every stroke, but physically I managed purely because my body was able to recover in a very short time.
In the lead up to this event I had done several 24 and 48hr trials. I definately suffered after the first few because I did not have access to the Ice Bath.
The important role this machine played in the World Record was simple. I would not have been successful if I didn't have it.
I only wish I could take it with me when I row across the Atlantic Ocean in December 2013. :)
What a fantastic product, with reliability and service that is truly second to none.
iCool Ice Baths definately helped me smash the World Record, and for this I am grateful.

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