Connacht Ice Baths & iCool in Ireland

1st August, 2013
By The iCool Team


Vinnie Egan a sports enthusiast is owner and founder of Connacht Ice Baths now has the iCool Turbo and 6 person spa to offer to his customers. Give Vinnie a call if you or your team needs a recovery specialist in Ireland. 

Who Is Connacht Ice Baths?

Connaught Ice Baths Clinic is Based in Ballintubber Co. Roscommon, to aid the recovery and injury for individuals, teams, athletes and contact sports persons alike, post training, competition, match or event. 

Hydro Therapy is scientific, hygienic, and a highly recommended alternative to widely used “Ice Baths” which is temperature controllable. 

Connacht Ice Baths fully equipped clinic includes a Six Jet Hydro Therapy Pool, changing facilities, including shower area and toilets, on site parking is also available.


Why Use Cold Water Immersion “Ice Baths”?

When you get an injury the first protocol is to apply an ice pack to the injured area, well an “Ice Bath” works on the same principles only for general recovery and in the case of an injury.

In simple terms an “Ice Bath” induces a flush like action (that helps the muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, nerves and all the different tissues used in sport recovery) from there workout in the following way:


-“Ice Bath” narrows blood vessels and thus decreases blood flow

- This reduces swelling and tissue breakdown thus reliving pain

- Once out of the “Ice Bath” the underlying tissues warm up

- This causes a surge of oxygen filled blood to flow back to the muscles

- This helps return by products of cellular breakdown to the lymph system 

for efficient recycling by the body

- Main by products is lactic acid which can cause cramp, fatigue, and a 

general feeling of tiredness in the muscles. (Delayed onset of muscle 

soreness (DOMS))


“Use of a Hydro Therapy pool has proven successful in recovery for both contact and non contact sports persons alike” For More Information Call 0873515941

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