21st January, 2014

Translated to English:

The club acquired a mobile pool of cryotherapy for the treatment of celestial campus.
The first phase of the Copa Libertadores requirements to limit demand for campus O'Higgins , because not only have to meet in international competition , but also at the local level , leaving only a few hours for the physical recovery of the players.
That's why this season the team led by Eduardo Berizzo has a wading pool cryotherapy. Your Job " is the application of cold liquid on the outer surface of the human body " , explains physiotherapist Marcelo Sepúlveda.
Hence the importance of this acquisition because " recovery through immediate cryotherapy after each game helps us to reduce the time , causing a faster sweep debris of muscle contraction that occurs during exercise and also the can suffer several blows during competition " , thus reducing injuries on campus , as required.
For the medical O'Higgins FC obtaining this wading pool will be crucial when the Copa Libertadores , because " when there are periods in which international tournaments are played over the local competition there less than 72 hours between pool party and this helps us to gain time for the player to be available to train and compete again , "concludes Marcelo Sepúlveda.

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