Lleyton Hewitt loves his iCool

2nd February, 2011

Lleyton Hewitt , Youngest ever World No 1 Tennis Player owns and trains with an iCool System.

Here is an update from Lleyton's fitness trainer.

Hi Guys

You asked me to update you on our experiences with Lleyton's use of the iCool system this past season.

At first I must admit to being a bit uncertain about ice baths for training purposes, but, taking a lead from the AIS who use iCools for training in almost every sport, I was happy to trial the idea with Lleyton.

In summary, after using it for more than a year and observing Lleyton's responses both physically and physiologically , I have no doubt now that well controlled ice bath therapy really does deliver very significant benefits. It's easy to understand why it has become an essential part of an intelligent training and recovery regimes in so many sports.

As a professional trainer in A grade tennis, I have notice more and more ice baths are being used by leading tennis players all over the world and I'm sure your pleased that most of them iCools,

Apart from the more technical recovery and endurance benefits, we have noticed with regular use there is a more difficult to quantify, but extremely important physiological benefit as well. If you ask Lleyton what he personally sees as the main benefit, to him it's the the fact that he just feels so much better and calmer after the ice baths. This is a difficult parameter to measure, but from my observation it is enormously helpful in terms of preparation for a match. We would use the system at least two times every day.

So, I am sure you will be pleased to hear, that LLeyton would not part with his iCool and as his trainer I am more than pleased with the recovery results, which are more substantial than I expected. A lot of other players obviously agree and I can see that most major players will be using this system before too long.

Best regards,

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