Nicki Hudson on

24th January, 2010
By Karen Barlow

>Nicki Hudson: Australian Hockey

  • Winner, gold at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and Top goal scorer.
  • Named captain of world 11 team in 2006


A lot is said about the benefits of a good recovery after a hard match or training session and I am a big believer in looking after your body by doing either a pool recovery session or alternatively an ice bath for your legs. I know ice baths are not a very pleasant experience and most people do not enjoy them at all, but like most exercise its not meant to be easy or enjoyable but rather be hard work and uncomfortable!!!! There are quite a lot of articles written up on websites around the world about whether or not ice baths work or if they are just a myth. I think its a personal thing where it works for some but might not for others. I often do ice baths as they clear all the lactic acid out of my legs and really do make my legs feel so much better after a match or hard training session. I do it one of 2 ways, I either sit in the ice bath with the water above my waist for 10 straight minutes or I will do 6 lots of one minute in the ice bath and one minute under the hot water tap. We have started doing ice baths again with the national team after matches and although the girls spend the whole time complaining about how painful they are I think after they finish them they definitely do feel a lot better. The other recovery sessions I do is going for a walk and then either getting in the pool and walking and lunging and kicking or get into the surf and fight the waves whilst you walk along the shore. It makes your legs feel so much better and you are then ready for the next match or training. I think recovery is also good for injury prevention and when you have been playing as long as me you need to do a lot of recovery to keep at the highest possible level. Give the ice baths a go and let me know what you think of them. You can either do them in the bath at home or get a blow up kid's pool to put in the change room at the hockey fields. You need about 5 big bags of ice to get the water cold enough for it to be effective.




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