iCool Latest Technology ice Water Immersion supports hot sweaty marathoners at t

2nd May, 2010
By Karen Barlow

Leah Francis from San Diego celebrates her fantastic debut marathon in an iCool


Hundreds of runners lined up to cool off and recover faster with iCool ice water immersion at the Orange County Marathon today. If you thought that running 26.2 miles was punishment enough, try immersing your body in 53-55 degree ice cold water for 5 minutes after the event! Some might call it madness. But many top athletes swear by the benefits of ice post exercise to help speed up recovery.  Some of them even manage to smile during the process.


The new technology comes in the form of a small “chiller” that cools the water to the pre-set chilly temperature without requiring any ice. The water is constantly filtered through the chiller followed by a particle filter and UV-filtration system to enable multiple users. Sure beats the old method where athletes used to stand waist deep in a trash can filled with ice and water to help their recovery!



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