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27th August, 2010
By Jeff Hunt

> My new iCool Sport Ice Bath System- Jeffrey Hunt Marathon Runner

(Copied from his blog) 18/8/10

The 1-per-centers are talked about a lot. Such a small amount can make a big difference to whether I end up reaching my potential as an athlete, or not. My number one priority is to always get the running part done. Some of the 1-per-centers can include circuits, stretching, massage, osteo and drills. To be able to continue running day-in-day-out is the not-so-secret secret to success. To help with this consistency, I have added a daily post-run dip in an Ice Bath.
Ice-bathing is such a big part of aiding my recovery, and goes hand-in-hand with my sleep and recovery fuel intake. The task of carrying 2-3 bags of ice from the servo, filling up a bath with cold water, dumping the ice in it, then sitting in it for 10mins is not exactly enjoyable, but I need to do it. I quickly got over carrying ice bags home and filling up the bath. So, after some deliberation and negotiation, I reached into my bank account, spent a bit of money, and into my recovery comes the iCool Sport Ice Bath System.

I was able to get my hands on an iCool Sport Twin Ice Bath System, complete with an inflatable bath for a pretty reasonable price. I set it up the week before City to Surf, and have used it daily since. I noticed the difference in recovery immediately, especially on my early morning recovery runs where my body felt much better than it normally did after the previous nights training. It made me realize that being able to train so hard at Falls Creek is, in large part, aided by the ice-bathing we do in the aqueducts. It’s cold, obviously, but the following day you feel much better than if you hadn't done it.
I have the bath set at 10 degrees, which is the default and optimum temperature for recovery. It takes hardly any time to cool the water. For example, I switched it on one Saturday afternoon, went for an 10km jog, and by the time I got back, it was ready. Mind you, it helps when you keep the bath in a really cool area like a garage.


Over the last three-and-a-half weeks I have really noticed the benefits. Any soreness is greatly reduced after using it. While it may not prevent all aches and pains (like the sore quads I had after City to Surf), it reduces the effects of them. I might have to revert to the old ice bags in a normal bath when I head to Cairns and Delhi, but I’ll figure that out then. I’m also yet to see what impact it has on the power bill, but it’s never on for more than 2 hours, so it should be minimal.
If you are interested in getting one, and have the money, I highly recommend it. Take a look at for more information. You'll also see they are made in Australia, so an even better reason to buy one. I'm a strong advocate that ice-bathing really helps and I'm happy knowing that it's one more 1-per-center that I'm doing to help me reach my potential.

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