Safety First and Always.

3rd October, 2010

> Safety First and Always.

iCool has always stressed maximum safety as our primary design goal and we are very proud that no one has ever been injured using one of our products, but we welcome any suggestions from our customers that might further enhance safety.

One suggestion from a customer in the USA struck us as a great idea , so we have now added a light but strong child safety cover on every new pool to protect against the unlikely event of a child climbing into a cold pool.

Of course we need to stress that this does not remove everyones' responsibility to keep children away from any pool or spa.

Shown here is a box about the weight of a small child. The tough fabric can stretch but it prevents the child from getting to the deeper water and it is expected that a child could easily climb back out from this position. However, we stress children should never be left unaccompanied in an ice bath area.

We really welcome any safety suggestions at

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