21st October, 2010

Not only is the revolutionary iCool LITE the smallest and most powerful ultra compact mobile ice bath system on the planet, but its now also the quietest.
In fact , now all iCools are the quietest recovery systems you can buy.

iCool ice bath systems are the most popular athlete recovery systems in the world and by far the most powerful for their size, but our engineers have been busy taking our technology one step further and we have now fully achieved and implemented  iCool "Hush Power" 

iCools were not particularly noisy considering their excellent power to size, however, with the advent of the world's smallest system the iCool LITE,  many customers are buying them to use at home for their own personal recovery system. Quiet operation is much more important in the home, so we thought why not make HUSH POWER a goal for all iCools? 

We had been working on the necessary technology for super quite systems for quite a while and we have finally achieved the revolutionary technology to make possible unprecedented low sound levels for such powerful coolers.

So if you need to operate in a quiet environment, nothing else available even comes close to the quiet operation of all new iCools.

From today all iCools will be delivered with HUSH POWER built in.


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