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iCool Perfect Portable Ice Bath


On the Road
In the Gym
At Home or just about anywhere

From today you can enjoy the important benefits of full ice bath
recovery and endurance training sessions wherever you are.

• Less than half the size of anything comparable

• The lowest price available

• Only From iCool





The Perfect Athlete’s Travel Package

Safely packaged in an almost indestructible military standard travel case that holds your iCool Lite plus everything necessary to connect to our worldstandard iCool inflatable ice bath or to your own pool or spa.

The Lite can cool from 300 to 400 litres of water anywhere at up to 22 degrees C per 100 litres per hour. Amazing performance in such a small package.

Nothing else even comes close to this cool new design in size, fast cooling performance, user friendly features or affordable price.

Stunning Good Looks and Touch Screen Controls

Like all iCool products your new Lite will look good in any sports setting and although it’s small it has the same big friendly and easy to use colour touch screen interface that make all iCools so easy to use.

Set any temperature down to 5 degrees C and let your iCool Lite do the rest. No ice needed , just touch a button and it cools your pool to the exact temperature you set and holds it there for as long as you like.

It’s portable ice bath perfection.

All Athletes Welcome, there’s a system for everyone.

Like all iCools more than one athlete can use them at one session. The Lite can hold the temperature accurately even if several athletes use the pool in one session.

The Lite is designed to cool one standard pool, but in normal conditions it can hold the temperature even if 3 or 4 athletes need a recovery session one after another.

To operate 2 pools at once for even more athlete’s at one session you would need to consider our bigger more powerful iCool Twin systems.
For really big Spas and up to 20 athletes at once there is the powerful new iCool TurboCool Range

Plug in Anywhere. Safety First.

The LITE is certified to operate on any standard power outlet in any country and is available for either USA 110 volts or European 220 volts.

iCool has always made safety our number 1 design priority Like all iCools the LITE has many safety features.

All iCool are very safe, there is full protection built in from any possibility of electric shock plus safety circuits to prevent over heating or lack of water flow. In the very unlikely event of a problem the touch screen gives you clear advice on what to do.

Real Cooling Power For Your Real World

It’s no use being small if it can’t do a real job, but the iCool Lite has the raw power when and where you need it, because iCool experience & technology leads the field.

At the heart of the super compact Lite is a high efficiency rotary refrigeration compressor manufactured by Mitsubishi but modified by iCool engineers to super charge performance.

Cooling water means removing a lot of heat and to do this in a small package means squeezing every drop of performance from the heat exchanging components. 

First, to remove the maximum amount of heat on each pass of the water the Lite has the most efficient type of heat exchanger available anywhere. It’s called a brazed plate exchanger and consist of 14 stainless steel plates silver soldered together in a high vacuum for a perfect seal. This gives the biggest possible surface area in the smallest space.

Quality Components

The heat taken from the exchanger is then removed by the powerful compressor in the iCool’s optimised refrigeration cycle and sent to the condenser to be removed to the surrounding air. No ordinary single condenser could do this in such a small space, so iCool designed a unique new 4 level condenser with hundreds of micro fins at 3 times closer spacing than normal so that it can remove enormous amounts of heat but still fit in the small cabinet.

To make this revolutionary condenser work at it’s maximum possible efficiency requires a lot of airflow and once again iCool engineers designed a very special fan to do the job.

The iCool Lite fan is an all new, all metal, very high quality design in a super strong cast aluminium frame that can move an astonishing 1100 cubic feet of air per minute. This is as good as fans can get and once again we engineered it into a very small space for such a powerful fan.

Naturally you don’t want all that power all the time and so the fan changes speed under digital control to give just the airflow needed, but if the weather is hot or the water is very warm the Lite’s turbo fan is an animal in sheeps clothing. It will pour on the power and give you all it has to make sure you get the most performance possible.

Finally, all this compact power would not be effective without a long life pump to circulate the water. Normal pumps could not fit in the space available, so we re engineered a very compact type of pump normally used in solar hot water systems. For long life ,we had it constructed with a cast iron body, a brass impeller housing and stainless steel drive shaft and for extra safety we added a water tight stainless steel shield between the water and the electric motor.

Which pool shall we use?

The LITE can connect to the following iCool range. Simply connect the fast hose fittings supplied. Easy..



iSprint Twin


Its your choice.



Main Chassis Marine Grade Aluminium
Main Top Cover Marine Grade Aluminium
Decorative Panels 3mm ABS
Handles Stainless Steel
Compressor Rotary
Fan Cast Aluminium
Pump 12 Volt inline automatic pressure regulating. Variable speed brushless longlife motor.
Condenser Copper & Aluminium
Heat Exchanger Stainless Steel & Silver
Touch Screen 7 inch Full Colour
Refrigerant HR22 Green Gas 300g- Zero Environment effect
Water Fittings Food Grade Polyethylene
Plumbing Fittings PVC
CE Compliances Yes
RoHS Compliance Yes
Country of Origin Australia
Total Dry Weight of unit 23.5 Kg
Hoses & fittings for iCool pool connection 1.3Kg
Travel Case Military Grade Polyethylene 10.7Kg




Thanks again for the great service and the effort you went to to get my Lite and pool to me in time for my big race. It arrived on time and we were really impressed by how easily we were able to get it set up going. We were able to get a session in before the race and it was still at the right temperature after we finished so got another recovery session in. A few friends also used it and it had no trouble keeping the temperature at the 10 degrees that I set. There is a lot of interest from other competitors, so could you send me some brochures.

Thanks again it's a great product

C.Van der burgh

Olympic Gold medalist


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