Stockcode #iC-iSquad

The iSquad is a new addition to our range, designed to satisfy the growing demand for larger portable ice baths for  4-6 athletes. The design is based fully on the technology that is incorporated into our iBody bath which is now the accepted world standard mobile ice bath and has been for the past 10 years. The new iSquad use the same high quality heavy duty pvc  and can be used with ice or connect to the Compact series for convenient no hassel cooling.




Internal Dimensions: 160 cm Length 80cm Wide x 67 cm High

Outer Dimensions: 220 cm Length 135cm Wide x 72 cm High

Litres: 600 Litres 158.5 US Gallons

4 x single air chambers including  bottom matress for extra comfort.

The iSquad comes with verycarry bag, a safety cover, a high volume foot air pump and a repair kit.


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