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The Next Generation of Automatic Ice Bath Therapy Systems

The Revolutionary iCool IcePod Range

*The most advanced low cost athlete recovery systems ever!

*Single Pool or Twin Pool options.

*Perfect matching chiller/heater systems.

*Very affordable complete packages.













A far better pool in every way, A much deeper bath to provide effective static pressure on your lower body and legs.

* Amazingly strong, almost indestructible.

* Safe, Strong, Comfortable.

* Space for 1-2 or even 3 athletes.

* Easy entry and exit with built in steps.

* Built to last for many years of real world heavy use.





Quick connectors for any iCool chilling system

* Transportable or permanent installation 

Single or twin pool option

All with built in connections for any of iCool’s Automatic chilling and heating machines

This perfect low cost, fully automatic, contrast

recovery centre, provides one cold and one hot

pool or 2 chilled pools.

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Run 2 pools from this one powerful unit. Either pool can be cold or hot at the same time.

Perfect for the new IcePod Pools. Introducing the revolutionary iCool Twin completely automatic chiller/heater in one machine.

Provides everything you need for a world class contrast twin pool recovery centre at a surprisingly low cost. Better in every way,

* Two colour touch screens for seperate control of each pool .

* Operate 2 pools at the same time from just 1 machine.

* One pool can be chilled while the other is heated, or

* Both pools can be chilled or heated at the same time.

* Powerful twin automatic heat pumps in one machine.

* Twin Titanium heat exchagers, safe with pool chemicals

iCool’s digital power management and saving technology

* Lowest possible running cost with built in smart power saver.

* Permanent installaion or easily Transportable.

• Modern High Quality Design to enhance your recovery room.

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Designed for

Easy Transport

Easy Installation












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