XP Team Recovery Pool - Big & Deep - 10 athletes

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World Class Recovery Facilities at an affordable price.

Cold and Hot Recovery solution for any sport available now. 

Complete low cost package solution.

The 2016 iCool Recovery pools are the only pools in the world designed from the beginning for one purpose, deep effective ice bath recovery therapy.

Please do not confuse these specialised iCool pools with spa baths, there is simply no comparison in design, strength, performance or value for money. Construction and materials are of a much higher standard than any domestic spa, stronger and deeper and with epoxy gel coat surfaces as used in boat construction to last a lifetime, not the formed plastic that is commonly used in spa baths and is prone to fading and scratching.

We use the finest grade materials with thicker walls and we add more layers of reinforcing fibre glass, overlaid with high quality 2 part surface coatings to last for many years without fading caused by pool chemicals. In addition our pools are completely self supporting with very strong marine grade stainless steel frames. They do not require additional structural support which saves installation costs and give you a much stronger product.

The iCool pools are supplied complete with proper connections to iCool’s world leading TurboCool chiller/heater systems.






Available in two sizes.

Team Recovery

Size - 220cm Long x 110cm wide x 137cm high
Water Volume -2400 litres
Floor Loading -880 kg per square meter
Weight Empty - 220kg
Total weight full - 2620kg
Includes- Self supporting stainless steel frame
1x circulation pump .35kW
1 x Hydrotherapy pump 1.85kW 
All plumbing contained at the pool
25mm Insulated 
Push pull valves installed 

XP Team Recovery

Size - 330cm Long x 150cm wide x 145cm high
Water Volume -4200 litres
Floor Loading -1215 kg per square meter
Weight Empty - 245kg
Total weight full - 4445kg
Includes- Self supporting stainless steel frame
1x circulation pump .35kW
1 x Hydrotherapy pump 1.85kW 
All plumbing contained at the pool
Push pull valves installed 
25mm Insulated
Waterways brand skimmer box with twin cavities
Removable Front Plate & Weir Door
Twin 100 SqFt cartridge type filters built In.

Not just a shell.

The pools are supplied with a strong integeral stainless steel support frame to adequately support the pool shell. They are self supporting for easy installation either on a suitable floor, or recessed in to a cavity of any depth up to the full depth of the pool frame.

The iCool pools are supplied with 2 complete plumbing systems, one with a high power pump for the included 12 spa jets and the other with a properly sized circulating pump for the optional chiller/heater system. You can add the chiller heater at any time, all necessary plumbing and pump is already installed. Adding a chillier to an ordinary spa pool later could be very difficult and costly, with iCool everything is already there and ready to go. 

The reason for the 2 separate systems is to save you money on running costs. There is no need to run the large spa jet pump for normal cooling or heating. It is used only when jet therapy is required., at all other times the much lower running coast pump does all the work. This can save a lot money on electricity costs each year compared to pools with only one large pump.


Twin Pool setup

Installing 2 pools is the ultimate in recovery setup at very affordable cost. When connected to the Turbo chilling/Heating systems either pool as a hot or cold pool as required at any time, or to have 2 cold pools on demand for busy recovery sessions. It also provides automatic redundancy when one pool is out of service for any reason as either pool can be either hot or cold as required.
All this can be achieved for a fraction of the previous cost of such a capable recovery centre, with simple installation, low running costs and maximum flexibility.

Single Pool  setup

Installing 1 pool will give full deep body immersion at a fraction of the cost as in ground pools.






Available now chilling and heating systems

ICTurbo "COOL"
Cooling only TurboCool USD$14,900

ICTurbo "Dual Temp"
Cooling and Heating TurboCool USD$15,800

IC-Turbo-Remote Screen-1
Remote mount touch screen USD$1,999 (Now Included)

IC-Turbo-Remote Screen-2"
Twin remote mount touch screens USD$2,499 (Now Included)

IC-Turbo-Remote Screen-3"
Twin remote mount touch screens USD$2,999 (Now Included)






‘We are very pleased with the iCool Turbo. Our Recovery Centre spa is at the correct temperature quickly and easily. With the minimum of maintenance.

The Turbo also uses the familiar, touch screen interface found on the other iCool units. So setup was easy. We have always found service and support from iCool Sport to be excellent.’

D.Key Western Australian Institute of Sport..


"Now that we have used our 2  iCool Turbocools for a full season I just wanted to let you know how happy we have been with the performance and reliability and to thank you for the outstanding support you gave us during the initial period while we were getting used to getting the most out of our recovery centre. We have been really impressed with how well the Turbocools cope with the hot weather here and how well they hold the temperature even when the entire team uses the pools at once. They certainly performed as advertised and we hope to install 2 more when our budget allows"

G.Baker Southport Swimming





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