Connector with swivel – Green

$15 USD

Green Accessory Connector with Swivel Combines functionality of connector with built in swivel

Hoselink Fittings & Connectors Are Guaranteed To Never Burst Off Your Hose

If you’re tired of leaking, bursting hose fittings, then you’ve come to the right place. Install our fittings on your hose and enjoy a 100% watertight connection that you can rely on. That means no more worrying about wasted water and no sudden surprises from bursting hoses!

Product Code: HL-2471

Inside the Hose End Connector, the hose is locked in place securely over a barbed stem. A white split ring is compressed over the outside of the hose, whilst inside the hose it is gripped by the barb. This dual action makes it impossible for the hose to burst out of the fitting.

The fittings lock together by way of a bayonet connection. A watertight seal is achieved by an o’ring to o’ring seal that has never before been used for hose fittings. O’rings normally obtain a seal by either the outside or inside diameter sealing against a hard surface but Hoselink developed a method of sealing the face of one o’ring against the face of another o’ring.

Reliable bayonet connection between fitting

Identical face on every connector joins to one another

Ergonomic bayonet point & twist to connect

Split ring & barbed stem grips the hose & won’t let go

Screw in thread to accessory won’t leak

Water tight o’ring to o’ring seal between connectors