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Iceman Inflatable

$999 USD

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Iceman styled version inflatable pool for deep water immersion.

This inflatable pool is colour matched to team with our powerful New IceMan Machine. Designed for full body immersion, this pool is well insulated to allow for very low temperature water.

Improve your health & wellbeing by combining it with the Iceman cooling unit. Reach beyond your limits by cold conditioning your body & improve your immune system.

Cold is your friend and breathing is the key. Used together, they can radically improve your life.

Recovery science is advancing rapidly and when done correctly has been proven to lead to body, mind & life improvements that have forever changed the lives of thousands of health conscious people worldwide who follow the latest science and teachings.

We suggest you check out the Wim Hof Method.

Recover faster and smarter.

It has been well established by sports scientists that immersing in an ice bath immediately following a race or hard training is enormously effective in preventing next day aches and pains and speeding the recovery of overstressed soft tissues, muscle cells and ligaments.

It can be even more effective if it is followed by a warm bath or shower and then repeated.

Quickly set up ice bath recovery sessions almost anywhere the race or training session takes place. The sooner you are in the ice water the more effective the treatment.

Recover anywhere you want.

The Iceman Inflatable comes with 4 single air chambers with a bottom mattress for extra comfort, a carry bag, a full zip close safety cover, an air pump & a repair kit.

Please note: water fittings and connections only come with our cooling units, not with our pools. 

The Ultimate Combination - IceMan Machine & IceMan Pool.

Our Iceman Inflatable Pool can be used with just ice or with any of our Cooling Units.

For the ultimate combination, pair it with the colour matched iCool Iceman unit. Completely redesigned chiller, it has heaps of cooling power, quiet & automatic operation, excellent reliability, easy mobility and all at a surprisingly low cost for all this technology. It comes complete with high flow long life water pump and all pool connection hoses ready to snap together & go.

You can also add the perfectly matched military grade travel case to use your IceMan combination system anywhere your fitness and recovery journey takes you.

Your ice bath therapy sessions will be quick to set up, easy to use and easy to pack up & transport.


Maximum cooling power in the smallest possible spaces.

Today’s iCools have the best cooling performance that technology allows. Nothing else comes close.


More than 10 years of continuous improvements inspired by expert feedback from thousands of iCool owners around the world.


iCool manufactures the largest range of ice bath recovery products available anywhere.

Models for every type of sport and sport physiotherapy. Models range from single athletes to 12 person pools for entire teams and everything in between.


Manufactured from the highest quality materials and components for long service life.

Excellent value. Priced to be as affordable as possible.


Water capacity 270 L (71.33 US Gallons)
Maximum athletes 3
External dimensions 133 Cm Length x 95cm Wide x 72 Cm High
Internal dimensions 92 Cm Length x 55cm Wide x 67 Cm High
Includes 4 x single air chambers with a bottom mattress for extra comfort, carry bag, full zip close safety cover, air pump & repair kit
Ideal for swimmers, wrestlers, boxers or martial arts athletes who need to treat their upper body muscles