Powerful Chilling or Heating in One System

ICool Twin For 2 Pools

$12999 USD

This is the perfect low cost solution to provide complete Contrast Therapy sessions for up to 6 athletes at once from a single machine.

  • The only machine available anywhere that can operate 2 Recovery Pools at the same time.
  • Accurately controls each pool’s temperature separately.
  • Each pool can be chilled to different temperatures.
  • Or 1 pool can be HOT and the other COLD at the same time.
  • 2 Completely Independent Touch Screens built in.
  • Or remote control from a smart phone, iPad or computer.


One Machine. Two Heat Pumps.

  • Accurate control across the entire Recovery Therapy range.
  • 2 Powerful Hi Tech Heat Pumps inside one strong cabinet.
  • Each Heat Pump is completely independent.
  • Separate quick connect hoses supplied to connect 2 pools.
  • Light enough to be transported to other locations if required.
  • Built on a strong but light alloy metal chassis.
  • Fitted with rugged stainless steel handles.

Two Pools - One Machine.

Just connect it to our brilliant iCool IcePod Duo Twin Pool Set and you have everything needed for a First Class Recovery Room at a budget price.

Of course you can also use it with your own tubs, baths or pools or any of our popular iCool portable pools.

This is all new terchnology and because it’s from the worlds number one icebath manufacturer you know it’s a quality product that really works and will give many years of service.



A Single Machine Provides a Two Pool Contrast Recovery Centre

This is a world first. It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to design a small compact device that can cool or heat 2 ice baths at the same time from a single machine.

A rugged machine that can even operate continuously 24/7 for days, weeks or months to suit your needs.

Only iCool, the world’s most successful manufacturer of ice bath equipment, has the knowledge & experience needed for projects like this.



Based on our Award Winning Technology & Designs

The iCool Twin is actually a miniaturised version of our world famous TurboCool large pool machines used in many of the world’s major stadiums and sports clubs in more than 40 countries.

Designed to provide smaller clubs and teams with a world class recovery room capability at a fraction of the cost of our very large stadium pool equipment.

Capable of either cooling or heating across the entire Recovery Therapy Range from 4ºC  to 45ºC. (38ºF to 112ºF)

Made from the very best quality materials and components for years of service without the need for regular maintenance.


Lighter, More Flexible Water Hoses With Quick Connect Fittings

Water hoses normally become very stiff and difficult to manipulate when very cold. iCool has solved this problem in conjunction with a leading supplier. The latest iCool hoses are much lighter yet stronger and remain flexible even near freezing temperatures.

Our quick snap water connectors are now even easier to use and the fittings are colour coded for easy identification and set up.


Main Chassis Marine Grade Aluminium with Long life epoxy coating
Main Top Cover Marine Grade Aluminium with Long life epoxy coating
Handles Stainless Steel
Compressor 2 x Panasonic Brand Hi Efficiency Rotary.
Fan High capacity 3000 Cubic Ft/ Minute, low noise.
Condenser 2 x Copper & Aluminium
Heat Exchanger 2 x Titanium Tube suitable for pool chemicals and salt
Touch Screen 2 x 7 inch Hi Res Full Colour Computer Tablets
Refrigerant HR22 Green Gas 300g- Zero Environment effect
Water Fittings Food Grade Polyethylene
Plumbing Fittings Poly quick connect fittings
CE Compliances Yes
RoHS Compliance Yes
Country of Origin Australia
Weight in Travel box 52Kg
Weight in shipping box 80Kg