4 person portable ice bath


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Heavy-duty 4-6 Person Portable IceBath

  • Designed to satisfy the growing demand for larger portable ice baths for  4-6 athletes.
  • Built on knowledge gained over more than 15 years as the world’s number one manufacturer of ice baths of all kinds.
  • The new iSquad uses the same high quality heavy duty materials used in commercial life rafts, so it’s very strong.
  • Connect to a matching iCool Compact series Ice Bath Machine for the ultimate in fast convenient Recovery, anywhere.

Ultimate Flexibility

  • The iSquad is so portable and easily carried that it makes it possible to quickly set up ice bath recovery sessions almost anywhere the event or training session takes place.
  • That’s the whole point, the sooner your body is in the ice water the more effective the treatment.
  • Light to carry, quick to set up and fast to cool using any a suitable iCool chiller or even just ice.
  • Supplied with a carry bag, a quality Inflation Pump and a Repair Kit.
  • A high Quality fully enclosing Safety Cover is included that also protects the skin of your pool.
  • iCool invented the technology that made inflatable Icebaths a practical reality back in the early 2000s.
  • The world standard in mobile ice baths for more than 15 years.
  • Our iCool inflatable pools are the best selling mobile ice bath in the world and used in more than 70 countries.

Portable - Practical - Comfortable - Durable.

  • Designed to perfectly meet the requirements of either lower body of full body immersion therapy.
  • Ideal for cyclists, long distance runners and triathletes for fast uncomplicated leg muscle and lower body recovery, anywhere anytime.
  • Also perfect for Swimmers who need to immerse stressed upper body muscles.
  • Excellent for those muscles used in Wrestling, Boxing and Martial Arts.

Fast Practical Recovery for All.

  • It has been well established by sports scientists that immersing legs in an ice bath immediately following a race or hard training is enormously effective in preventing next day aches and pains and speeding the recovery of overstressed soft tissues, muscle cells and ligaments.
  • It can be even more effective if it is followed by a warm bath or shower and then repeated.
iSquad Dimensions

  • Internal Dimensions: 160 Cm Length 80cm Wide X 67 Cm High
  • Outer Dimensions: 220 Cm Length 135cm Wide X 72 Cm High
  • Litres: 600 Litres 158.5 US Gallons

iSquad Kit

  • 4 x single air chambers including  bottom mattress for extra comfort.
  • The iSquad comes with a light weight carry bag
  • The iSquad comes with a safety cover
  • The iSquad comes with a high volume foot air pump
  • The iSquad comes with a repair kit.