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Residential Clients


In the last few years, many residents were stuck at home and unable to access their regular recovery club including ice bath and contrast therapy.  The MiPod Dual Temp has been our most popular product in personal recovery. It is a fully automatic ice bath that doesn’t need any complicated plumbing installation or permanent connections. This bath is operated from a high definition touch screen and temperature can be chosen between a range of 5ºC to 40ºC. No need to leave your house, this ice bath can be installed in the comfort of your own home. 


The MiPod pools provide a low-cost contract therapy set up right in the comfort of your home. The Dual Temp model combines both cooling and heating capacities, with a built-in unit under the steps of the pool, in a hand-layered fiberglass shell made in Australia. 


MiPod Mini Dual Temp
with Ladders and UltraZone


There is no installation or external plumbing to do. Everything is built-in under the steps of the pool, including the cooling unit. A remote screen is supplied with a 5m data cable. The operation is made via the screen by just setting the temperature and pressing the START button, that’s it. 


It is recommended to check sanitisation levels regularly and chlorine or salts can be added from time to time when needed depending on the useWith the factory-fitted UltraZone Sanitisation system built-in under the steps of the MiPod, it reduces the normal sanitiser usage by up to 70%. 

Package Cost

Approx. $13,300 
(excl. freight)

"my own personal ice bath"

This is by far the best purchase I’ve ever made! I had been wanting an ice bath in my home for years and due to the lockdowns during covid I couldn’t go to my regular recovery centre so I looked online and found iCoolsport. I was on a 6 weeks waitlist as apparently they were really sought after, but the wait was worth it! I have my own personal ice bath next to my infrared sauna and I use it 5 times a week, more when training hard. 

N. Allan 


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