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Elite Contrast Therapy

Case Study

Recovery Centres, Clubs, Gyms.


Smaller clubs and recovery centres with spacing limitations and looking for the easiest installation possible, are now using the iCool all-in-one MiPod ice baths and creating a unique wellness area like no other. Using two MiPods at a time, one is set as an ice cold bath at around 8/9ºC, while the other is set as a hot bath at around 39ºC. Both fiberglass pools come with a built-in powerful chiller under the steps of the pool. This offers a premium contrast therapy facility with no installation required and extremely low running costs. 


Premium contrast therapy set up with no installation or plumbing required for up to 6 users at a time (3 in each).


MiPod Pro Chill
with ladders and UZ
MiPod Pro Hot
with ladders, UZ and cover


There is no installation or external plumbing required. Just drop in place, set the temperature on the remote screen and press START. That’s it! 


For maintenance, an UltraZone sanitisation system is built-in under the steps of the pool that reduces up to 70% the use of sanitisers. Water can be replaced weekly or pH levels can be checked daily. Chlorine and magnesium salts can be used as needed however Bromide is not recommended. Always refer to your local authorities for pool compliances and safety regulations. 

Package Cost

Approx. $26,500
(excl. freight)

"Easy to install & easy to use"

These baths are so easy to use that I couldn’t even believe it. We thought that installing an ice bath into our new recovery centre would take time and would cost us a lot but it was not the case at all. We received the baths packed in heavy duty crates, we opened them and placed them where we needed them. We then connected the power cable and the screen, started the screens, set the temp, and pressed start. The built-in machine did all the rest and cooled our baths so quickly, it was amazing. I would recommend these super easy to install and easy to use ice baths to any business owner who is looking to offer a premium quality ice bath in their recovery centre, without all the high costs and installation logistics. 

A. Gosner, Owner of a Recovery Centre


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