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The Global Market leader in Professional Grade Recovery Pools

We manufacture the largest range of styles & sizes available, from luxury single pools to 4, 6, 8,10 and 12 person capacity pools. 

Package Discounts available for Recovery Centres & Stadiums

iCoolSport manufactures the world’s most popular, best looking, best performing and easiest to install “all in one” recovery pools.  Perfect for the homes, clubs and recovery centres, especially those with space limitations.

Designed for the easiest installation possible. Beautiful, durable hand made marine grade fibreglass based pools can Instantly create a unique wellness centre like no other with just two MiPods, one set as an ice cold bath and the other as a hot contrast bath. The MiPods come with the most powerful 5000 watt in built heat pumps available anywhere as standard plus the largest colour touch screens and the most advanced electronics and software. For even faster chilling and a huge temperature holding capacity for a very high number of daily users, our latest all weather chillers can be substituted for the internal chiller to provide a massive 10,000 watts of chilling.

Whichever you choose the result will be powerful performance, very quiet operation and very low running costs with the backup of the world’s largest ice bath manufacturer. 

Impressive Appearance : Commercial Grade Quality.


No installation or external plumbing is required for the standard model. Just place it where you want it, set the temperature on the remote screen select a temperature and press START. That’s it! The rest is fully automatic.

For heavy commercial use, we can include high capacity filtration & UV/Ozone options to maintain the water quality. Our staff can provide expert advice.

If you have a large number if users each day we can substitute the 5,000 watt inbuilt chiller with our perfectly matched all weather 10,000 watt heat pumps.

Either heat pump is by far the most powerful for this purpose on offer anywhere and are designed and manufactured at our own factories as are all of our products. 

All Standard Pool Chemicals are Allowed

Our heat pumps are manufactured using high grade titanium and are therefore suitable for use with all popular pool chemicals such as chlorine and salt. 

We recommend checking with your local health authorities for local pool water compliances and safety regulations. 

24/7 Always On operation is Allowed

Our heat pumps are manufactured using the highest grade materials and the best refrigeration machinery from world leading manufacturers, so you can operate you MiPod as many hours as you wish, even 24/7. They have inbuilt power management technology to keep the operating costs as low as possible automatically. For commercial operation it is often best to just leave the MiPod turned on so the chilled water is always available and let the MiPod handle the power management. 

Big Bright Colour Touch Screens are Included

Every MiPod is provided with a big bright 13 inch or 15 inch Touch Screen Controller. The high resolution touch screen controls all functions and provides all the information you need to get the best results. The screens can be mounted anywhere up to 30 meters from the pool. Normally they are mounted in view of the pool.

The screen has many useful functions including a user selectable lock out PIN code to prevent unauthorised changes to your settings.

 The electronics and software are the best in the industry, designed, developed and manufactured by iCoolSport at our own factories. 

A secret button allows for full normal operation even if the touch screen is removed or damaged.   

Elegant Professional Appearance

MiPod Pro Also Available NOW in Beautiful Timber

The Fabulous new 3-4 person MiPod ULTRA
Ice Bath Recovery Perfection

Latest addition to our Prestige Range - Many personal choice options available.
* Ultra REMOTE includes our powerful extra quiet external 10,000w Turbo Mini Chiller $24,999
* Ultra CHILL with powerful quiet 5000w inbuilt chiller $19,999
* Ultra HOT heating only version for contrast therapy $17,999
* Ultra DUAL TEMP chill and heat with powerful & quiet 5000w heat pump $20,999
* Ultra INNER provides the exceptional Ultra Pool shell to build in to your own project, includes 10,000w Turbo Mini $23,999


Large deep pools that can fit in limited spaces.

World's Best Range of Large Stadium & Club Pools

Our Industry Leading Large Ice Bath Pool Chillers

Typical Club Owner Comments about iCoolSport

These baths are so easy to use I almostI couldn’t  believe it. We thought that installing an ice bath into our new recovery centre would take time and would cost us a lot but it was not the case at all. We received the baths packed in heavy duty crates, we opened them and placed them where we needed them. We then connected the power cable and the screen, started the screens, set the temp, and pressed start. The built-in machine did all the rest and cooled our baths so quickly, it was amazing. I would recommend these super easy to install and easy to use ice baths to any business owner who is looking to offer a premium quality ice bath in their recovery centre, without all the high costs and installation logistics. 

A. Gosner, Recovery Centres Owner