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Powerful Portables

Our Story

How the iCool team
invented the modern
ice bath

Where it all began

In 2004, the Australian Olympic team quietly unveiled their new secret weapon, 6 of the world's first ever mobile automatic ice baths.

Australian Olympic Team (2004)

They were the world’s first ever completely mobile fully automatic ice bath systems with fast chilling and accurate temperature control, designed in a collaboration between leading sports medicine scientists at the prestigious Australian Institute of Sport and a small team of micro refrigeration experts at a new sporting technology company named iCool Sport. The Australian team came 4th in those Games and we like to believe we helped them to achieve those results!

Those early iCools provided, for the first time in a major international sporting event, advanced opportunities for accurate and repeatable recovery methodology. Since then, iCoolsport has continuously advanced the science that is now one of the most valuable technologies used in elite sport.

we're a global force

Global Competitions

Since 2004, iCools have been in constant use by athletes from most countries at every Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, Commonwealth, Asian and Pan American games and countless other major sporting events and iCool remains the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of ice bath and contrast therapy equipment.

International Users

Our products are exported to more than 70 countries for virtually every popular sport on the planet, from football to motor racing, swimming to cycling, weight lifting to golf and countless more. Every year, more users add up to the list with now home-based users all around the world that look to set up an ice bath right in the centre of their home.

Huge Range

We manufacture the world’s largest range, from single person portable pools and portable chillers used by thousands of athletes, to huge 12 person pools already installed in more than 100 major stadiums around the world providing on-demand fully automatic chilling and heating for an entire team.

The Future

Today, at our Australian headquarters, our dedicated design team, all of whom are active sports participants, are continuously improving our award winning range and designing even more groundbreaking new products that will soon offer sensational new possibilities for fitness enhancement to motivated athletes everywhere, plus a new range of unique and original health and wellbeing products for everyone.

The unique innovative refrigeration technology contained in all iCool systems has freed athletes, institutions and therapists from the need for large impractical and expensive quantities of ice, replacing guesswork with scientific control.

Only iCool products provide reliable, repeatable, tightly controlled parameters that ensure the alleviation of delayed onset muscle soreness with consistent predictable results while reducing muscle soreness with consistent predictable results while reducing muscle damage and shortening your recovery time.

"Scientific precision provides optimal recovery"

Our Mission

Our mission at iCool is to share our sports science know-how to help you climb your personal mountain. We have the knowledge and experience, and we want to do great things that help make your goals become reality.

"The world's best
athletes weren't born
elite, they were made."

Our Values

We love sport, everyone at iCool engages in sport, cycling, running, swimming and we like to use our time out in the weather to dream up new ideas that we can offer to all athletes, weekend warriors and anyone, anywhere, that we can help with rehabilitation and wellbeing therapy that really works.

We are determined, resilient, hardworking people who love technological innovation. We aim to be honest, environmentally responsible and genuinely helpful to everyone we interact with.

"Resilience isn't built
from within your comfort
zone. Go further than
you ever imagined; The impossible is now made possible with iCool."