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Elite mipod range

Ice bath

The most powerful all-in-one ice bath & contrast therapy pools now available.
iCool's famous ultra powerful fully automatic chilling machine is built inside
a stunning looking glass composite pool controlled by a big 13" Touch Screen.
the best portable pools ever - only from icool
Best in class strong rigid ice baths in minutes. Premium quality like no other to last and last. Packs up small for travelling.
Legendary icoolsport compact range

The world's most powerful mobile ice bath chillers

The best selling ice bath machines in the world for 15 years in a row.
Nothing else comes even close.

Time to test yourself. Take a freezing cold plunge with the latest IceMan.

The only chiller capable of circulating
genuine near freezing water.
IceMan Package Etched 2
For exceptional health benefits,
iCool recommends

Lowest Cost
High Tech
Recovery Centres

Create a first-class hot & cold recovery facility
fast and without the high cost with
our widest range of best-in-class options.
Perfect recovery centre packages with our stunning new 2-3 person MiPods.

iCoolsport leads the world in large ice bath pools for entire teams.

Fully automatic cooling and heating
already installed in hundreds of stadiums
and sports clubs worldwide.

Build your own ice bath, your way.

Choose your pool

Select the type, size and material of your pool.

Choose your chiller

Select a model of cooling or heating machines. 


Add any accessories and optional features to your ice bath.

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To our industry leading interface we have added the ONE TOUCH START fully automatic start up to available on all iCool products. Just fill with water, set the temp, touch START on the large colour touchscreen and that's it.

Leading the world in
ice bath recovery technology

Used by more than a million athletes in over 70+ countries

Nothing else compares to the Power of iCool

The Science Behind Ice Baths

Lift your mood

Going into the cold helps to stimulate the chemicals in our brain that dictate the way we feel, our focus and attention.

Weight Loss & Metabolism

Cold water immersions have been shown to trigger ‘recruiting’ — which means your body can take white fat cells and turn them into brown fat cells.

Immune System Regulation

Ice bath submersion and alternative breathing techniques offer a demonstrated ability to trigger an adaptation response to the immune system.

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