Introducing the brand new models of the Compact Series 3 Range.

Completely redesigned with a  sophisticated, stylish & dark mode user interface for faster, friendlier control.

About iCool Cooling Units

Leading innovations in recovery technology.

iCool engineers are constantly updating and improving our entire product range to provide athletes everywhere with the best performing and easiest to operate equipment.

  • 50% Bigger, Brighter, Sharper & More Sensitive Touch Screens.
  • Big increase in computer power and speed providing fully automatic, safe, efficient operation*.
  • Best in class heat pump design, super efficient chilling and heating.
  • Highest quality components and case materials for long service life*.
  • Remote control from smart phones and computers now available.
*Touch screen now 50% larger @ 10.2”, with double the resolution @ full HD, with more sensitive capacitive touch technology and 30% brighter @ 420cd
* Computer 50% faster, 4 Core 1.2GHz, 1GB RAM, BlueTooth 4.1, Ethernet 2.4GHz 802.11
* Rotary Compressors by Panasonic TM, Titanium Heat Exchangers by Gimleo, Marine Grade Aluminium Case. High Efficiency coated aluminium Condenser panels

The science is in.
iCools are benefiting tens of thousands of athletes worldwide.

Cold Water Immersion is proven to reduce inflammation and athletic recovery. 

The Science

It’s time to test yourself. Take the cold plunge with the all new iCool Iceman.

No more guesswork. Apply the science.

iCool Iceman is here

Offering far more than just muscle recovery… “The cold is a doorway to the soul” Wim Hof

Improve your entire wellbeing, both body and mind, by combining your recovery routine with the world famous Wim Hof method.

About iCool Science

Reduce the symptoms of DOMS* with contrast cold/hot water therapy.

Choose any 2 iCool pools, add an iCool TWIN cooling & heating unit, and you have perfect contrast therapy on demand. # Delayed onset muscle soreness

About the Twin System

Elite mental and physical greatness is within your reach.

iCool leads the way in ice bath technology to advance many of the world’s most elite athletes.

Ice Bath Product Range

It’s more fun when you do it as a team.

iCool has the world’s best stadium sized recovery pools. Fully automatic cooling and heating. Now installed in more than 100 stadiums.

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