The world’s toughest, most durable portable ice bath.

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Introducing the Compact Series 3 Range.

Completely redesigned ice bath machines with a new user interface.

About iCool

Cold water immersion is proven to reduce inflammation & speed up athletic recovery.

The Science

iCool leads the world in ice bath recovery technology with thousands of our products in use in more than 70 countries.

Ice Baths 

2020 Catalogue 

Our best performance, safety & efficiency now with one touch automation.

The Iceman

It’s time to test yourself. Take the cold plunge with the all new iCool Iceman.

The only chiller capable of 0 degrees.

For exceptional health benefits, iCool recommends

Affordable Contrast Therapy

Create a contrast therapy facility without the high cost thanks to the IcePod Duo set up with any 2 iCool machines.

It’s more fun to do it as a team.

Recovery Pools for entire teams 

iCool has the world’s best stadium sized recovery pools. Fully automatic cooling & heating, now installed in more than 100 stadiums.