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Case Study

CrossFitter Wykie Etsebeth


Wykie Etsebeth is a CrossFit fanatic based on the Gold Coast, Australia. His home gym has everything a CrossFitter wants and needs, such as training equipment, a sauna and the Ultimate IceMan ice bath package from iCoolsport. The package includes the IceMan chiller, capable of temperatures near ZERO, and the IceMan Pro bath, the world’s toughest inflatable pool.


Wykie trains twice a day and invites plenty of friends around to his home-made garage/gym. Ice bath recovery is a great way to speed up athletic recovery, right after an intense training. With the iCoolsport IceMan package, he can now immerse himself in ice cold water straight after exercise, without having to use or lug around bags of ice. 


IceMan Pro bath
IceMan chiller


Set up by hand in just 15 minutes or less than 5 with an electric pump. No more waiting around, just super fast recovery exactly when you need it. Extremely easy to connect to the IceMan chiller, it will take less than an hour for the water to reach ice cold water. 


Wykie fills and empties his pool everyday to keep away bacteria as he doesn’t want to us chemicals in the water. He keeps his machine away from direct sun, rain and any extreme weather temperatures to extend the life of his product. 

Package Cost

Approx. $11,100 
(excl. freight)

"Start of my ice bath journey"

I’m impressed with this bath, I can have my legs straight and lie about full length flat. It’s amazing and you can easily fit two big boys in here. It’s inflatable and I can sit on it, it’s really rock hard and so strong. It’s the start of a new journey, the start of my ice bath journey and I’m looking forward to it. 

Wykie Etsebeth


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