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Powerful Portables

World's Best Ice Bath Company

After 20 years of experience as the world’s leading ice bath recovery company, iCoolsport has developed the very best water temperature control technology for dedicated athletes and wellbeing warriors worldwide.

fully automatic

No need for ice

Forget the ice – connect an iCool ice bath machine to your pool, set the temp on the screen and touch the START button. That’s it.


iCool ice bath machines cover the entire expert recommended range of recovery temperatures down to 2ºC (and up to 40ºC for heating and reversible models) without having to use bags of ice or cold water.

ready when you need it

Fastest cooling

iCoolsport machines are the most powerful ice bath machines available worldwide. Cutting-edge electronics take care of everything safely and automatically. Take the cold plunge exactly where and when you need it. Nobody does it better than iCoolsport.


Winning tech

iCoolsport invented the modern ice bath, no one else comes close to our technology for producing the maximum amount of cooling power possible in the smallest space and the most impressive coefficient of performance. Thousands of hours of trouble-free operation from machines perfectly designed for the purpose.

environmentally responsible

Sustainable components

100% recyclable materials and packaging. Zero environmental impact using the most advanced refrigerants with 25% higher efficiency than standard gases. Charged with Natural Organic gas for low temperature refrigeration that dramatically reduces power bills. 

Gold Coast city, australia

add a little sunshine

Australian made

Made with passion by sports enthusiasts, in the land that produces many of the world’s most successful athletes. We love where we work: sunshine, beaches, mountains, surf, all very close to our Head Quarters in Olympic Circuit, Gold Coast, Australia. 

Behind the cooling process

Leading innovative technology

Modern design

A product to be proud to own. All iCoolsport products look great in any modern environment.

Built to last

Marine grade aluminium cabinets, highest quality composite trims and stainless steel handles.

Easy to use

Our touch screens do it all: just set the temp and press START. Fully automatic with built-in help menus.


We are always here to help. Just get in touch with our friendly staff anytime, from anywhere.

Worldwide Shipping

We offer fast and reliable worldwide shipping to anywhere in the world. 

Worldwide Shipping

We can ship almost anywhere in the world with deliveries taking 7-10 days to arrive at destination (stock permitting)

Largest Range

iCoolsport offers the largest range of ice bath recovery products available anywhere, from single person ice baths to large pools for entire teams

"When we learn to embrace the power of ice cold water therapy which the iCool ice bath systems provide, we can extend the realms of recovery beyond what we thought possible."