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Powerful Portables

The Ultra, Premium Ice Bath
Now Available in
Cedar, Carbon Fiber, & Metal Look

Our Premium Masterpiece

Deep – Comfortable – Powerful

Beautiful premium quality 3 – 4 person ice bath for prestige home bathrooms, clubs, spas and hotels.

The Fastest Cooling Available

 Your Choice of either 2º or 5º Minimum Temperature Setting

Ultra has the most powerful chillers in the industry, easily capable of freezing water, but in the real world most leading experts recommend no lower than 5º for safety.

If you are confident of your ability to handle extreme cold we offer the choice of a 2º minimum setting. 


No external plumbing required. Just drop in place, fill, plug in and enjoy


Optional 10,000-watt ultra quiet remote chiller for even faster chilling

The Ultra is available with either the inbuilt chiller or remote chiller which can be stored outside or in a seperate room allowing for faster chilling and a quieter user experience.

iCoolSport’s 13″ Best in Class Touch Screen Computer Tablet Included 

Ai Based Software – Just Press Start

Control your ice bath from the remote 13 inch High Definition Touch Screen tablet (included with all Ultra models). Our exclusive iCoolSport designed user interface leads the industry and provides fully automatic start up and operation. Wall mounting hardware provided. Set the temp, press START, and that’s it. Everything else is automatic.


Big Range of Installation Options 

OPTION 1 | All in One Version delivered fully completed in a beautiful timber cabinet on a strong metal frame including a high tech ice bath chiller, big filtration system, automatic UV water quality, all inbuilt, plus a huge 13 inch Colour Touch Screen.


OPTION 2 | All of the above but with

the fastest and most powerful ice bath chiller ever. Very quiet remote Turbo MINI chiller.


OPTION 3 | In deck or in floor mounted version with all the features and equipment of version 2.


OPTION 4 | Various timber or metal cladding materials and colours available on request to match your project.

Looks that match your project

After something different? Talk about it with our friendly engineering team. 

Ultra Cedar

Ultra Carbon Fibre

Ultra Metal Look

Ultra Dimensions & Capacity

External Dimensions
1515 x 1550 x 1155mm

Internal Dimensions
1150 x 1350 x 1000mm

Water Volume

* Data calculated with 500L of water and cooling from 25ºC down to 5ºC. Please note the time taken each time depends on many variables: the amount of water, the surrounding room temperature, the ventilation around the machine, the initial water temperature. The more water or the higher the room temperature, the longer it will take to cool. iCool machines are the fastest and most powerful cooling machines available anywhere and have been designed to be able to run 24/7. A minimum limit of 5º is electronically set for safety however  2ºC is available on request for more experienced users. If you need custom water connections it must be pre-fitted in the factory for best results.