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Powerful Portables

The World's Most Experienced Icebath Company

iCoolSport has been the major ice bath equipment supplier to every Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, FIFA World Cups, Pan American Games, Asian Games, Tour De France and countless other major world and local events for 20 years. There is no other ice bath company with anything even close to our experience and popularity with athletes and clubs. 

The Most Popular Products Globally for outdoor events

Compact Cool
Travel Case

Fast Easy Setup - Transportable.

Set up by hand in just 15 minutes or less than 5 with an electric pump. No more waiting around, just super fast recovery exactly when you need it. Extremely easy to fold and store, the inflatable bath comes with a carry bag and can be easily transported by bus, plane, train, or car. 

Military Grade Travel Cases

iCoolSport pools can be used with standards salts or magnesium for deep effective recovery. To extend the life of the cooling unit from travel damage our Military Grade Weather Proof Compact Travel Case is available.Manufactured from high impact resistant UV resistant materials and with thick protective foam inside contoured to exactly fit the chiller for maximum protection. 

"Pre and post race recovery"

Ice baths are now being used by athletes and racing car and motorcycle drivers to cool their core body temperature down BEFORE the session. It often gets sextremely hot in the car or out on the field as high as 50 degrees.  To reduce your core temperature before the event you can maintain maximum concentration for much longer in the heat and after the event your iCool is still there waiting for a refreshing recovery session and to reduce inflammation and sore muscles.  Getting the core temperature down after the race, means faster recovery and restoration of mental sharpness and focus ready for a good night’s sleep and another big day. 

Our latest inflatable baths can provide a rock solid pool anywhere and then roll up pretty much to the size of a sleeping bag, They’re not just inflatable, they are as hard as a bath tub when inflated, no soft moving sides so very easy to climb in and out.