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Brad Jones Racing is an Australian motor racing team owned by Brad Jones and based three hours north of Melbourne in the NSW regional city of Albury. The team competes in the Supercars Championship and embodies the Aussie spirit of mateship and hard work. Their current drivers are Andre Heimgartner, Macauley Jones, Bryce Fullwood, and Jack Smith. They’ve had iCool portable baths and cooling units since 2008 and upgraded their models more than 10 years later to the latest iCoolsport 2021 technology in mobile recovery science and inflatable pool materials.


Ice baths are vital on track for pre and post race recovery for their drivers. iCoolsport’s inflatable ice baths are super lightweight, portable and speedy to set-up. These fully portable ice baths can be used at any event, indoors or outdoors, and offer exactly what the team needs in terms of portable ice bath recovery.


Compact Cool
Travel Case


Set up by hand in just 15 minutes or less than 5 with an electric pump. No more waiting around, just super fast recovery exactly when you need it. Extremely easy to fold and store, the inflatable bath comes with a carry bag and can be easily transport by bus, plane, train, or car. 


The pools can be used with standards salts or magnesium for deep effective recovery. To extend the life of the cooling unit and avoid rust or dents, a Compact Travel Case is available with custom-made effective modular design and UV stabilised polyethylene materials made to military standards. 

Package Cost

Approx. $8,300 
(excl. freight)

"Pre and post race recovery"

The ice bath for a driver is very vital part, trying to cool your temperature core down before the session is very important. it gets so hot in the car, up to 50 degrees.  For us that is something we can pre-plan to really try and set ourselves up for the race to be fresh by the end and have maximum concentration by the end, as well as using it as a recovery tool for post-session. Getting the core temperature down as much as we can after the race, means we can try and recover and try and keep mentally as focused as we can heading for the next session or the next race. 

These particular baths are great because they can roll up pretty much to the size of a sleeping bag, They’re inflatable, which makes it really easy particularly for a race team like ours, on the move all the time and where every little bit of space counts. 

Jack Smith & Macauley Jones, Brad Jones Racing

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