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Travel Case


When only military tough will do.

Eliminate damage during transit & store your compact with this hard case made to military standards.

It won’t rust or dent & you will extend the life of the units thanks to the UV stabilised polyethylene materials.



  • Foam profiling lockable case
  • Stackable and interlocking
  • New effective modular design
  • Made military tough
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia


  • 84 cm long x 44 cm wide x 80 cm high
  • custom-made internal foaming to fit iCoolsport Compact chillers
  • Weight without chiller: 30Kg
  • Weight with chiller: 55Kg (weight may vary depending on model and accessories used)


  • Moulded from UV stabilised polyethylene plastic
  • High strenght rugged case – will not rust or dent
  • Dust, oil, chemical and water resistant