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Powerful Portables

Recommended repair
& service companies

The fastest and easiest way to get your product repaired is to contact your local repair company (electrician, refrigeration technician or plumber depending on your fault). They will be able to physically inspect your product and be able to assess the origin of the problem. If they require any particular spare parts for the repair, all they have to do is contact us and we quote them directly (stock permitting) and provide guidance if needed.

Repair fees and charges payable directly to the repair company. These companies do not act on behalf of iCoolsport. For warranty repairs, please contact us directly.

Coastal Sauna
and Steam
Area: Gold Coast/Brisbane (Australia)
+61 438 759 062
Townsville Service Group
Area: Townsville (Australia)
+61 7 4774 7482
Fridge Pig Services
Area: Adelaide (Australia)
+61 (0)4 2281 2394
Other Countries
For other countries, please contact your local preferred repair company or your local iCool Distributor
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Warranty Repair & Replacement

If your product issue is covered under warranty, please contact iCool Support for help.  

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