Compact Filter


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To maintain the water quality of your pool and keep your Compact system free of foreign debris, we recommend using the easy-to-use Compact Filter. Designed to protect your pump by filtering the water and keeping it clean and crystal clear.

The compact and light weight design are ideal for confined space setup and allows easy cleaning and easy replacement of the cartridge element. Fittings included to connect to any of our Compact cooling units.


Manufactured from premium materials, with a UV stabilised and impact resistant clear acrylic bowl, and an impact modified PVC top.

A Nitrile O-ring is fitted to every filter to ensure the unit remains leak free and to provide peace of mind.

How often should you change the cartridge filter ?

The replaceable synthetic inner filter cartridge collects the particles and prevents their progression through the system. It guarantees that the system won’t block and will perform to its peak heating efficiency for the life of your system. System failure due to a build-up of fine debris is not covered by our standard warranty.

We suggest checking your filter at least once a week, or as often as required for your particular installation, and cleaning the bowl when you notice debris collecting in the filter. Replacement of the cartridge is recommend every 6 months.

Including this filter is a cheap way to ensure optimum system performance and longevity with no need to change the water of your pool anymore!

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