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Compact XP Dual Temp

Extra powerful chiller now available with heating capability as well, for fastest cooling and heating of multi-athlete pools and spa baths up to 2000L capable of temperatures from 5ºC (40ºF) to 40ºC (104ºF).

It is the most powerful compact ice bath chiller/heater system & can be used for optimal contrast therapy sessions. Cold & hot water immersion is proven to reduce inflammation & speed up athletic recovery.




  • Lowest Temperature: 5ºC (40ºF) Software limited for safety
  • Highest Temperature: 40ºC (104ºF) Software limited for safety
  • Automatic Operation:  ONE TOUCH START intelligent power management system
  • 24/7 Operation: Allowed


  • Line Voltage: Manufactured in either 110V or 220V (NOT MULTI-VOLTAGE)
  • Cooling power: 7200 Watts
  • Heating Power: 7100 Watts
  • Running Power 220V (& Max.): 76.5 Amps (14 Amps)
  • Running Power 110V (& Max.): 15 Amps (28 Amps)
  • Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Compressor: Panasonic or Mitsubishi High Efficiency Rotary
  • Refrigerant Gas: Hychill Minus 40 or R290 – Zero environment effect – 350 grams

Finishes & Materials

  • Chassis: Marine Grade Aluminium
  • Coatings: Heat cured high strength epoxy – Blaze Blue
  • Heat Exchanger: Titanium
  • Heat Pump Plumbing: Commercial Grade Copper
  • Handles: Stainless Steel
  • Wheels: Polyurethane
  • Side Panels: Co-extruded Acrylic

Size & Weight

  • Net Height x Width x Depth in mm: 650 x 550 x 350
  • Net Weight Kg/ Pounds: 40 Kg / 88 Lbs
  • Size / Weight in STANDARD SHIPPING CRATE: 650 x 470 x 850 mm / 53 Kg (103 Lbs)
  • Size / Weight in ICOOL TRAVEL CASE: 880 x 490 x 830 mm / 63 Kg (115 Lbs)

Pool Compatibility

  • Recommend pool size: Up to 2000 L
  • All ICOOL POOLS have connections to Compact included as standard
  • All OTHER POOLS require 1x water inlet and 1x water outlet 19mm (1inch)


  • Software-chip: Developed by iCool
  • Display: Animated 10 inch Full HD Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Remote Control Screen: Optional
  • Remote Control over WiFi: Yes with built-in screen model


  • Earth Leak Device: Yes 30 Milliamps instant shut down for maximum user safety
  • Power Plug: 3 Pin heavy duty to suit country (UK, US, AUS or EU)
  • Air flow Capacity: Low noise fan 2000 cubic ft per minute
  • Fan Size: 350 mm
  • Sound: 59 dBA tested at 1.5m
  • Heat Pump Type: Rotary Compressor
  • Water Pump: Powered by the Compact via the built-in RCD electrical safety device


  • 10 inch HD Built-In Splash Proof Touch Screen
  • Industrial Water Circulation Pump: For 220V machines, a Davey QB035 spa type pump is supplied. For 110V machines, a Marlin ECO6000 world voltage pump is supplied.
  • Complete hose set with iCool quick release fittings:
    • 1x 18 mm x 3000 mm
    • 1x 18 mm x 500 mm
    • 1x 12 mm x 3000 mm
  • Standard pool fittings to suit 19mm (1inch) pool water outlets
  • Power Plug to suit country
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Warranty: Standard One Year Warranty  – see our Terms & Conditions

Country of origin: designed and made in Australia

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