Davey Water Circulation Pump

$599 USD

The latest most powerful Davey spa pump, super quiet and super efficient QB Series spa booster pump.

Included with the sale of a 220v Compact Cool, Cool Dual Temp, XP, XP Dual Temp & Iceman.

Includes IEC sock and hose link fittings to connect to the chiller.

Powerful Pump Performance

Robust pump design combined with powerful motor options delivers high performance, for a satisfying ice bath experience

Double insulated to water circuit

Provided with an Equipotential Bonding Point for AS/NZ 3000 wiring standards

Stainless Steel Pump Shaft

Corrosion resistant 316SS pump shaft to ensure years of trouble-free use, even in salt water spa pool applications, for an extended pump life

Quiet Operation

Large suction and discharge outlets allow for higher performance but at lower noise levels, ensuring a powerful yet relaxing ice bath experience

Enhanced Pump Design

Shielded yoke design helps protect the motor from any adverse leaking from the wet end whilst still meeting all industry safety standards