1 to 6 person twin hard pool ideal for contrast therapy.

IcePod Duo

$2499 USD

The Revolutionary iCool IcePod Duo

  • The Next Generation of very affordable Ice Bath Therapy facilities for 2 to 6 athletes.
  • Fixed in place recovery facility or easily transported to another venue.
  • One Pod Chilled and One Pod Hot or both Chilled for a perfect recovery session
  • Works perfectly with with any machine from the iCool Compact or TWIN Range
  • An interlocking step system that allows for assembly within seconds
  • Non-slip surface on the external and internal steps and the standing surface
  • Constructed to ISO 9001 Quality Management System standards

Product Code: IC-IcePod Duo

Add any 2 Compact iCools.

Use one machine for chilling and the other one for heating each pool at the same time.

The perfect low cost contrast therapy to your IcePod Duo recovery room.



A Cutting Edge Recovery Centre at an Affordable Price.

  • Have the Contrast Therapy Facility you need without the high cost.
  • The entire system can be up and running the same day you receive it.
  • This is the perfect solution for smaller clubs or rehabilitation centres.
  • Add Two Compact iCools for a system that can do everything you will ever need for accurate and repeatable recovery sessions.

A Much Deeper Bath

A Far Better Pool in every way, a Much Deeper Bath to provide effective Static Pressure on your lower body and legs.

  • Amazingly strong, almost indestructible materials.
  • Safe, Strong, Comfortable.
  • Space for 1-2 or even 3 athletes.
  • Easy entry and exit with built in steps and seats.
  • Built to last for many years of real world heavy use.
  • Designed for easy transport easy installation.
  • Surprisingly low cost for this world leading technology.

Matching Safety Lids Available

Add a perfect fitting safety lid. to your order. iCePod Duo Lids

  • For child safety
  • To keep your water clean in dusty areas.
  • To keep hot pools hot and save electricity. (heat rises)


Quick Connectors Available For Any ICool Machine

  • All iCePods have 2 brass water fittings moulded in to quickly connect to any iCool machine
  • The inbuilt brass connectors are compatible with our quick connect water fittings Accessory Connector
  • The water pump of any iCool machine can also be used to fill or empty the iCePods.

Weight, Dimensions, Composition

  • Weight: 70kg
  • Width: 817mm Length (2 tubs + step unit) 2720mm
  • Height: (bath) 1130
  • Composition: Polyethylene Composite and Brass.

Built-in connections for any of iCool’s Automatic chilling and heating machines

  • low cost
  • fully automatic
  • Quickly set up a contrast recovery centre
  • One cold and one hot pool or 2 chilled pools.

Run 2 Pools From One Powerful Unit.

  • Two colour touch screens for seperate control of each pool .
  • Operate 2 pools at the same time from just 1 machine.
  • One pool can be chilled while the other is heated, or
  • Both pools can be chilled at the same time.
  • Powerful twin automatic heat pumps in one machine.
  • Twin Titanium heat exchangers, safe with pool chemicals
  • iCool’s digital electric power saving technology
  • Lowest possible running cost with built in smart power.
  • Permanent installation or easily Transportable.
  • Modern good looking design to enhance your recovery room.