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Powerful Portables


1-3 person hard plunge pool


Next generation of ice bath therapy.

Specifically designed for individuals or small teams looking for a deep ice bath recovery system where space is limited. Easily transportable, it can also be installed for a permanent recovery room. 

Simply place it on a suitable surface and add water. Use with ice, or for the ultimate ice bath experience connect it to any iCool machine to provide fully automatic chilling (or heating).

Built to last for many years.

The IcePod is amazingly strong with almost indestructible materials used.

It has built-in non slip steps for excellent athlete safety, a comfortable and safe seat/step inside & built-in brass hose connections to fit any iCool machine.

Designed for easy transport & easy installation. The connectors make it easy to empty the water, disconnect the IcePod & place it anywhere you need.


  • Weight: 40 kg
  • Water capacity: 550 L
  • Maximum athletes: 2/3
  • Width: 817 mm (to fit through standard 820mm Australian doorway)
  • Length: 1532 mm
  • Height: 1192mm
  • Wall thickness: 5 mm
  • Composition: Polyethylene plastic
  • Includes: Built-in non slip steps, seat inside & hose connections
  • Available colours: Blue
  • Matching safety lid available: IcePod Lid