1-3 person hard pool


$1499 USD

Next generation of ice bath therapy.

Specifically designed for individuals or small teams looking for a deep ice bath recovery system where space is limited. Easily transportable, it can also be installed for a permanent recovery room. 

Simply place it on a suitable surface and add water. Use with ice, or for the ultimate ice bath experience connect it to any iCool machine to provide fully automatic chilling (or heating).

Built to last for many years.

The IcePod is amazingly strong with almost indestructible materials used.

It has built-in non slip steps for excellent athlete safety, a comfortable and safe seat/step inside & built-in brass hose connections to fit any iCool machine.

Designed for easy transport & easy installation. The connectors make it easy to empty the water, disconnect the IcePod & place it anywhere you need.


Matching safety lids available.

Add a perfect fitting lid to provide additional safety whilst maintaining cleanliness.

Custom made with polyethylene in Australia.


Add any iCool Machine & just touch the "GO" button. No Ice needed.

iCool machines have been completely redesigned, have heaps of cooling power, quiet & automatic operation, excellent reliability, easy mobility and all at a surprisingly low cost for all this technology.

With an iCool Compact Series machine your ice bath therapy sessions are quick to set up, easy to use and easy to pack up & transport.

  • The IcePod can be used with any Compact machine
  • Each Compact machine includes complete hose set, water pump & accessories
  • New on all Compact Series 3 models: much larger 10 Inch Full HD Capacitive Touch Screen & remote control from smart phones and computers now available.

Ultimate recovery package.

Add a second IcePod bath and you have the perfect contrast therapy on demand. It’s the perfect low cost & fully automatic recovery centre.

After an intense training session it’s important to give our bodies an opportunity to recuperate. But for those athletes between events during a competition—it’s likely they’ll need to facilitate a more-rapid-than-usual recovery. The iCool systems speed up the process by mitigating inflammation and delayed-onset muscle pain. Not only does ice bath submersion improve recovery from exercise-induced muscle injury—it also helps to repair damage associated with intense physical training.

IcePod Duo


Weight: 40 kg

Water capacity: 550 L

Maximum athletes: 2/3

Width: 817 mm (to fit through standard 820mm Australian doorway)

Length: 1532 mm

Height: 1192mm

Wall thickness: 5 mm

Composition: Polyethylene plastic

Includes: Built-in non slip steps, seat inside & hose connections

Available colours: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow


Maximum cooling power in the smallest possible spaces.

Today’s iCools have the best cooling performance that technology allows. Nothing else comes close.


More than 10 years of continuous improvements inspired by expert feedback from thousands of iCool owners around the world.


iCool manufactures the largest range of ice bath recovery products available anywhere.

Models for every type of sport and sport physiotherapy. Models range from single athletes to 12 person pools for entire teams and everything in between.


Manufactured from the highest quality materials and components for long service life.

Excellent value. Priced to be as affordable as possible.