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Large Water Filter


The Large Davey Water Filter 50sqft Box has been specially designed for the swimming pool owner who is after clean water without the higher cost of backwashing.

The range on offer suits medium to large sized swimming pools and is designed for easy installation and maintenance.

Supplied with pressure gauge to identify when cleaning is required, the Large Davey Water Filter is perfect for ice bath recovery set ups.



Ideal for in-ground and above ground pools. Suitable for salt, mineral salt and fresh water pools. Models suitable for pools up to 300m3.

Key features

  • Automatic air bleed purges trapped air during filtration
  • Durable polyurethane end caps are reinforced to support pleats and protect the element
  • 4oz mesh weight for fine filtration and high water quality
  • High quality Du Pont polyester mesh for clog free, long life
  • Large spaces between pleats for easy cleaning and long filtration cycles
  • A.B.S. tank construction is robust, UV resistant and non-corrosive for long life
  • Model: 39050 Davey Crystal Clear


  • L x W x H (cm): 38 x 38 x 54
  • Clearance to remove cartridge: 83.5 cm
  • Inlet and Outlet PVC: 40/50


  • Maximum water temperature: 40ºC
  • Maximum operating pressure: 280kPa
  • Filtration Area: 50ft2 or 4.65m2
  • Maximum flow rate: 205 lpm


  • Proper care and maintenance will add many years of service and enjoyment to your pool. Keep the exterior of the filter clean using a mild detergent and water.
  • Maintaining balanced water chemistry is important to the life of your pool pump. This pump is designed to be used with Pool & Spa water, balanced in accordance with Langlier Saturation Index, with a pH level of between 7.2 and 7.8 and is regularly treated with a chlorine sanitising agent with the level not exceeding 3000PPM. Please consult your local pool shop regularly to have your water tested.
  • When the filter gauge reading is 50 – 70kPa above the clean filter gauge reading, cleaning the element cartridge is required. To perform the cleaning procedure: 1. Switch off the pump. 2. Close isolating valves on suction and discharge lines where fitted. 3. Open the air bleed valve on the filter lid, unscrew the lock ring and remove the filter lid. 4. Lift the element/s out. 5. In most cases the element can be easily cleaned with a garden hose, using good velocity sprayed directly on the pleats.
  • We recommend cleaning the filter as often as possible and replacing the internal cartridge every 3 or 6 months depending on usage
  • Davey Cartridge Filters are constructed of corrosion resistant materials. However, to ensure years of reliable performance, it is recommended that the filtration system is adequately protected from the weather
  • More details available here