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MiPod Thermal Cover


The MiPod Thermal Cover is a high insulating cover ideal to retain heat and reduce the energy costs of heating your pool, as well as to stop evaporation. These covers are great in cooler climates where heat loading is greater, and are generally used indoor and overnight.

Each thermal foam pool cover is made from 4.5mm thick, crosslinked polyolefin foam sandwiched between two layers of UV stabilised, polyethylene based polyfabric Canvacon film – making the cover reversible in the right installations. Cut to size to suit either the MiPod Mini or MiPod Pro dimensions.



  • Save on heat loss: reduced heating costs and heat loss
  • Save on water: improved water retention by stopping evaporation and saving on water usage
  • Save on cleaning:  keeping out dirt, dust and leaves
  • Save on chemicals: reduced salt and chemical use by up to 50%
  • Save on time: water temperature is kept for longer and speeds heating time