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Powerful Portables

My own pool

Select this option if you want to use your own bath with one of our powerful chillers. 

The Compacts chillers are very powerful heat pumps designed specifically for fast chilling (and heating in some models) modern ice baths. The electronic control of the advanced refrigerant gas makes them uniquely capable of the most effective chilling of one single tub at a time. 

If your bath is less than 500L = you can choose between the Compact Cool & Compact Cool Dual Temp

If your bath is less than 2000L = you can choose between the Compact XP, Compact XP Dual Temp & IceMan

If your pool has a water capacity of more than 2000L, a Large Turbo Cooling unit will be required. You can contact us at to discuss your set up and get the best advice from one of our friendly staff member.

Please note: you will need to add water connections to your bath to connect them to our machines. For more details, please contact us at