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Turbo Dual Temp

Large pool chiller & heater


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Say hello to the best contrast ice bath therapy machines for stadium size pools.

Hundreds of the latest version of our famous Turbo machines are already in operation in Stadiums, Colleges, Sporting Clubs, Fitness Gyms and Hotels worldwide.

The Turbo Dual Temp is the only machine of its kind designed & manufactured specifically to chill or heat large ice bath recovery pools with the speed and accuracy sports medicine specialists recommend. They can chill virtually any type of pool up to 10,000 litres. Its high performance perfectly matches the iCool Team Recovery Pool Range of extra large pools that accomodate 10 to 12 athletes at a time.



  • Lowest Temperature: 5ºC (40ºF) Software limited for safety
  • Highest Temperature: 40ºC (104ºF) Software limited for safety
  • Automatic Operation:  ONE TOUCH START intelligent power management system
  • 24/7 Operation: Allowed


  • Line Voltage: Manufactured in either 110V or 220V (NOT MULTI-VOLTAGE)
  • Cooling power: 15,400 Watts
  • Heating Power: 15,200 Watts
  • Running Power 208-220V (& Max.): 14.8 Amps (20 Amps) Single phase
  • Compressor: Panasonic or Mitsubishi High Efficiency Rotary
  • Refrigerant Gas: Hychill Minus 40 or R290 – Zero environment effect – 380 grams

Finishes & Materials

  • Chassis: Marine Grade Aluminium
  • Coatings: Heat cured high strength epoxy – Blaze Blue
  • Heat Exchanger: Titanium
  • Heat Pump Plumbing: Commercial Grade Copper
  • Side Panels: Co-extruded Acrylic

Size & Weight

  • Net Height x Width x Depth in mm: 1050 x 850 x 348
  • Net Weight Kg/ Pounds: 96 Kg / 205 Lbs
  • Size / Weight in STANDARD SHIPPING CRATE: 1250 x 700 x 1100 mm / 100 Kg (220 Lbs)

Pool Compatibility

  • iCoolsport TR 3000
  • iCoolsport TR 4000
  • All OTHER POOLS up to 10,000L


  • Software-chip: Developed by iCool
  • Operation: Remote Control from the Animated 15 inch Full HD Capacitive Touch Screen


  • Earth Leak Device: Yes 30 Milliamps instant shut down for maximum user safety
  • Air flow Capacity: 4000 cubic ft per minute
  • Fan Size: 450 mm
  • Heat Pump Type: Rotary Compressor
  • Water Pump: Powered by the Turbo via the built-in RCD electrical safety device (550 watts maximum)


Country of origin: designed and made in Australia