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5 Reasons to Choose a Fibreglass Recovery Pool for Your Business

A hot or cold plunge can be a great addition to your sporting club, gym, or wellness centre. They provide a number of benefits for users and allow your business to stand out from the competition. 


There are two types of material you’re likely to consider when installing one – concrete and fibreglass. While many see the former as the traditional option, the latter provides benefits that are simply too good to overlook. Here are the top five reasons to choose fibreglass for your recovery pool.

Concrete Baths are Less Efficient

As both an insulator and vessel for storing water, concrete simply falls short. That’s because it’s a porous material that dissipates temperature and fluids throughout its structure. 


The shells used in fibreglass pools are non-porous, making them better able to maintain temperature and retain water. Whether for hot or cold applications, this equates to less waste, less energy expenditure, and ultimately, reduced operating expenses.

Concrete is Expensive More Expensive Than Prefabricated Fibreglass

Rather than simply being installed, concrete pools must be built. This comes with significantly higher design, labour, and material costs than prefabricated fibreglass.

Concrete Requires a Longer Install Process

Because of the extensive construction and setting times, it can be between 3 – 6 months before a new concrete pool is ready for use. This is hardly ideal for a business looking to open as quickly as possible or minimise disruption to existing services. 


Fibreglass pools, on the other hand, can be enjoyed in only a matter of days.

Fibreglass Gives a Comfortable Finish

Fibreglass recovery pools are moulded from smooth materials and designed to be as ergonomic as possible for users. The concrete variety sport rough surfaces that can be irritating over time, particularly when entering or exiting the pool. 

Fibreglass is Easy to Maintain

One of the key advantages fibreglass has over concrete is maintenance. While fibreglass can be easily cleaned and is naturally resistant to contaminants, the same cannot be said for concrete. 

As mentioned above, concrete is porous, and this allows algae to propagate on the grooves of its surface. Most concrete is also basic or alkaline – a property which can raise the pH of the water and further encourage algal growth.


Once this scourge takes hold it can be difficult to treat and even more difficult to remove. Preventing it in the first place is much preferred, but doing so requires vigilant scrubbing, draining, acid washing, and chemical balancing. Even with utmost maintenance, concrete pools will still need resurfacing within 10-15 years – half the lifespan of fibreglass.


Overall, fibreglass is the much more economical and easily-kept choice for those looking to make frequent use of their pool.

Where Can I Get a Fibreglass Recovery Pool?

As the leading supplier of recovery pools for stadiums, hotels, clubs, gyms, and wellness centres the world over, iCoolsport has the perfect solution to delight your clients and take your business to the next level. 


Our built-tough fibreglass pools are highly regarded for their ease of use and maintenance, as well as quick installation either above or below ground. With all pool plumbing pre-installed at our factory, and marine-grade aluminium support frames included, fitting these units is a quick and easy process. 


iCoolsport’s perfectly-matched commercial water chillers and heaters pair with your recovery pool for simple and efficient temperature control between 4°C and 40°C. The remote 15-inch high definition touch screen tablet included with all Turbo chillers also provides fully automatic start-up and automation for no-fuss operation.


If you wish, our experts can pre-fit spa jets on your recovery pool. Designed to international standards, they feature both water and air inlets along with flexible hoses. We do recommend this for hot pools only, as they inject the warm room air into the water.

For more information about iCoolsport’s fibreglass recovery pools, peruse our website.