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Introducing iCoolsport’s Cedar Cold and Hot Plunges

Features and functionality are paramount when it comes to temperature-controlled pools, but that’s not all you need to consider when purchasing one. It’s important that your new cold or hot plunge looks just as good as it performs. After all, you want it to complement your current decor and remain timelessly stylish. The iCoolsport MiPod Pro Cedar Range does just that (and so much more).


The new Cedar collection retains all of the same award-winning features that have seen the iCoolsport lineup become the go-to for athletes, celebrities, and anyone interested in health and fitness. Built-in or external heating and cooling? Check. Class-leading safety? Check. Efficient, wireless temperature control? Check.


Where it differs is in the luxurious finish, which boasts sustainably sourced furniture grade Australian raw cedar. With the option for sealed or unsealed timber, it presents a relaxing oasis from which you can unwind or invigorate yourself for the day ahead.


The aesthetic blends cues from the nordic saunas of old with modern sensibilities. It retains the natural, calming tones traditionally found in the arctic, but its use of cedar lends an identity all its own. As well as being ecologically conscious, this hard-wearing, locally sourced material can withstand a wide range of conditions. It’s lightweight, is comfortable to the touch at all temperatures, and resists staining, discoloration and odour absorption. It’s also known to emit a delicate, forest-fresh scent – something which is sure to complement any plunge. 


Alongside the cedar sit tasteful steel accents, which provide structural support while lending a contemporary look. An optional high-load marine grade stainless steel ladder can also be added for easy access to all four sides of your plunge. 

Comfortable Cold and Hot Plunges


Comfortability isn’t an issue with the Cedar range. While the outside showcases delightful woodgrain, the inside sports a gentle fibreglass surface that keeps you supported throughout the duration of your plunge. Easily maintained and insulating, it’s ideal for keeping your water at just the right temperature.

Heating and Cooling the Way You Want


The MiPod Cedar Chill utilises the most powerful chillers in the industry. They’re capable of freezing water, but are limited for your safety to five degrees celsius (though this can be set to just two degrees celsius upon request). 

If you’re looking to turn up the heat, our cedar hot plunges offer 2000 watts of integrated heating capacity, enough to reach the software-limited maximum of 40 degrees celsius efficiently and rapidly. 


The best of both worlds can be found in the MiPod Pro Cedar Dual Temp Chill & Heat, which combines these heating and cooling technologies in a handy all-in-one solution.


Whichever model you opt for, all MiPod units can have your water ready to use in only two to three hours.

Automatic Control at Your Fingertips


iCoolsport’s 13 inch best-in-class touch screen tablet is included with all of our cedar plunges. The exclusive user interface provides fully automatic start up and operation. Whether you choose to wall-mount this device with the provided hardware or leave it freestanding, it’s a breeze to use. Simply set the temp, press START, and that’s it. Everything else is automatic. 

Large Cedar Cold Plunge


The new 3-4 person MiPod ULTRA is the ultimate timber ice bath experience for prestige home bathrooms, clubs, spas or hotels. This luxurious glass and carbon fibre pool is enveloped by beautiful timber cladding for a spacious cold plunge experience like no other. This pool can even be set into your deck or flooring for flush integration into its surrounds.

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